USA Patriot Act


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As a Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism acronym, the USA PATRIOT Act whose signing was informed by minimal debate as well as review from congress soon after the September 2001 attacks by terrorists has attracted some debate over time. In this text, I identify the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the USA PATRIOT Act and give my opinion on the same.


According to Wong (2007), the USA PATRIOT Act which was signed into lay in the midst of one of the worst terrorist attacks on USA soil was designed to enhance the fight against terror by coming up with a number of policy changes. When it comes to the advantages of the USA PATRIOT Act, it is important to note that the Act enhanced the communication between a number of agencies charged with the deterrence as well as investigation of acts of terrorism. Similarly, with the act in place, surveillance a well as investigation was made less cumbersome. Secondly, as a reprieve for all those who fall victim to acts of terrorism, the Act increased terrorist victims funding as well as their families. To benefit from this funding was also the infrastructure as well as businesses that fall prey to acts of terrorism.

The Act comes in a number of sections (ten to be precise) and in that regard, there are a number sub sections under each title that go a long way to clarify the titles provisions. Power delineation is provided for in the titles and the subsequent sections and these go a long way to help the federal government in the enhancement of investigations into acts of terrorism. However, with the enhancement of terrorist activities investigations comes checks as well as balances that are tailor made for purposes of averting any power abuse (Scheppler 2005). Lastly, as far as the elimination of the red tape which made the war against terrorism difficult is concerned the USA PARTITION Act can be taken to be a facilitator and with that in mind, it could avert future terrorist attacks going forward.

When it comes to the cons of USA PARTITION Act, those opposed to the Act accuse it of being overly too thorough. For instance, those against the act feel that the government agencies are empowered to monitor the movements as well as habits of all those residing in the United States whether or not they are suspected of being involved in terrorism.

Secondly, there has been questions raised with regard to Title 2. This title according to critics of the Act allows government agencies to keep an eye records (semi-public) including but not limited to library records. This has lead to speculation that reading some material in the library could make one a subject of constant monitoring. Lastly, some feel that that the Acts trashes accountability for privacy invasion. This they believe is against the United States freedom basic principles as encapsulated in the Constitution.


In my opinion, some provisions of the USA PARTITION Act are a necessary evil. In his November 6th 2001 speech, the then president of the United States, President George W. Bush reiterated that in the war against terrorism, you are either with us or against us. Given that terrorism is not a war of nations but a war of ideas, there has to be some give some give and take if the war against terrorism is to be won.


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