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A rule that has been sanctioned officially by the university governing body is known as a university policy. Most of the policies are not fixed subject to various changes or alterations. This assignment will examine the policy that requires students who live in campus to purchase a meal plan.


 The policy states that undergraduate students residing in residence halls must purchase a meal plan that gives them an entitlement to eat in the university cafeteria. Students with dietary complications will work with the Director of Food Service to make sure that necessary plans are made concerning their meals. There is availability of four meal plans from the campus cafeteria.

The first plan is the 21-meal plan that costs $ 1291.10 for each semester and covers for daily meals. There is also the 14-meal plan costing $ 1,206.60 for each semester and covering for all meals from Monday to Friday. The third meal plan is the 11-meal plan costing $ 1, 142.00 per semester and reserved for seniors only. Finally, there is the 10-meal plan costing $ 1,003.00 per semester and reserved for privatized housing residents (University Undergraduate Catalog, 2008-2009).

The issue that makes this policy unfair is the financial issue. There should be a wide variety of payment options to be utilized in various dining situations and university locations. The other issue is on the type of food provided in the university cafeteria. It is recommendable to have a variety of food including the incorporation of local food since there is a high demand for this kind of food.

The other issue is that the plan does not cater for students with eating restrictions such as religious restrictions. It is essential to make changes so that the university can be accommodative in a reasonable manner. The other issue that is notable is that the plan does not accommodate students who can not afford to purchase meal plans due to their poor financial backgrounds. A plan should be developed so that such students can be assisted in any way possible (Editors, 2006).

For the policy to be fair it has to be changed and undergraduate students who are needy and can not afford to buy meal plan to be charged less. In addition to working with students with dietary problems, the Food Service Director will work with students who have religious restrictions in planning for their meals. There will be incorporation of local foods in the normal meals.

There will also be various categories of payment options that will be used in different situations at different university locations. The categories are flex meals, meals, Vcash and dining bucks. Implementation of the new policy will ensure that meals are available for individual students including the needy and those with religious restrictions.


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