Un Chien Andalou (1928)


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Un Chien Andalou, a movie that takes only 16 minutes and in a conventional sense, it does not seem to have a plot. There also seems to be a dis-jointment of sorts when the film starts in a past setting and then jumps to some years later without a substantial change of the characters or even the events. However, to its credit, the film presents scenes which can be said to be tenuously related and its flow is largely narrative utilizes the dream logic. What is particularly surprising about the film are the horrifying images presented therein. One of the most horrifying of these is the slicing of an eye as the film begins.

According to Powrie (2006), for a keen reader of the writings of Sigmund Freud, the images presented in the short film draw parallels to his writings regarding anxiety (sexual). However, most of the other scenes can largely be taken to be obscure. Though, as I have noted above, the film lacks a plot (in a conventional sense), it is important to note that the visual associations invoked therein go a long way to create meaning and this also ends up giving the film a quality that in my opinion is rather nightmarish.

Further, in my opinion, the film utilizes references (thematic) to signify individuals who had fallen out of favor with its makers. It is also worthwhile to note that the film ends abruptly with a man and woman buried up to their elbows in sand. They look lifeless. However, from a different view, this last scene can be taken as an attempt to bring the film full-cycle as the initial scenes (especially the opening) are largely left hanging.


Powrie, P. (2006). The cinema of France. Wallflower Press


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