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Transmedia/Cult TV Essay Topic 1

The role assumed is that of an advertiser. As an advertiser, I think the Friday Night Lights show should not be cancelled due to various reasons. First of all the series is extremely extraordinary and worth watching. It is also educative especially for individuals interested in sports. It is among the greatest sport related shows ever produced. The other quality that makes the show not to be cancelled is the fact that the show is entertaining and flawless in terms of quality. The series is quality due to the fact that it entails an ensemble cast and has strong themes. It revolves around a high school football team affecting an entire town. Due to the mentioned points, it is evident that the Friday Night Lights series or show is quality and should not be cancelled.

Transmedia/Cult Essay Topic 2

The movie chosen is Star Trek that raises controversy on the future of multiculturalism. Diversity has been used in the show in that the cast characters are from different races and cultures. For example there is a white man, a Scotsman, African- American and an Asian. The other feature of diversity is that almost all sexual or romantic relationships depicted in Star Trek film are interracial. The films fictional world is a place where technology has eliminated geographical barriers and people can live and work in diverse environments. One of the strong messages that the film seems to send is that diversity is normal. The other message is that interracial relationships are normal. These two raise major controversies. Diversity is one of the traits or markers of quality television. This is especially important since it attracts fans.

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