Time Management


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Time Management

We all have problems we would like to solve in our day to day lives. For some, stress management may be a big issue while for others, they can’t control their finances. What is common amongst all of us who have issues we would like to work on is the desire to come up with effective strategies to solve such issues. In my case, I do have a problem with time management. This is the problem I would really like to solve. In this text, I describe my problem briefly and come up with a description of the kinds of information I would gather to help me in solving this problem. I also describe the process I would use to evaluate the information that I gather as well as how I would use the information that I gather to solve the problem.

My selected problem

As described in the introductory section above, the problem I would like to find a solution to is time management. During the week, I work full-time and when it comes to the weekend, I work 2 twelve-hour shifts and this leaves me with little time to engage in any other meaningful activity. The organization I work for during the week is non-profit making and here, my duties involve teaching computer classes to seniors as well as kids. During the weekend, I take care of individuals who happen to have retardation (mental).It is hence clear that all my hours are fully occupied and the only time I have for myself is mostly the evenings which during which I turn out to be so tired to engage in any other meaningful activity.

Over time, I have developed and natured several hobbies including swimming, badminton as well as chess but now, with my day time as well as weekend job, it has come to be difficult to engage in the same. I am also quite sociable by nature but I do not find much time to socialize. This are some of the factors that have influenced my desire to adopt an effective time management strategy that shall enable me to have some time left out to engage in my favorite pastimes.

Information to be gathered

There is a wealth of information there on solving issues like the one I have, i.e. time management. This information should include what has or what has not worked in the past with regard to effective time management as well as well as expert opinion of effective time management skills. It is also important to note that the other kind of information I would require include practical strategies towards effective time management.

When it comes to the information sources, Rosengren (2000) notes that the world is full of information sources but one has to sieve data gathered as not all data is accurate, valid or even relevant to the specific undertaking one is engaged in. With that in mind, I would choose an information source that is relevant to time management skills. I would obtain this information from relevant internet sites as well as journals and other library sources including books with topics touching on time management skills.

The Process of Information Evaluation

In the process of evaluation I would consider a number things including the validity, relevance as well as accuracy. When it comes to validity of the information, I would consider information which in one way or the other accurately reflects as well as comes up with an assessment of the particular issue of interest at hand i.e. in my case, time management.

This essentially means that I would disregard all information that does not pass the validity test.The next thing I would look out for in the evaluation of information is relevance. In this case, I would take relevance to be the applicability of the information gathered to the derivation of a solution to my problem i.e. time management. Last but not least, as far as the evaluation of the information gathered is concerned, I would take into consideration the accuracy of the information gathered. In this case, I would take accurate information to be the correctness as well as the exactness of the information gathered.

Utilizing the information to solve the problem

To solve the problem I would apply the information gathered to my life on a day to day life. This would mean planning the course of action for each day and ensuring I adhere t the same each passing day. Further, I would carry on more research  the based on what I have gathered so far so as to increase the reliability of the information I would have gathered.


It is important to note that not all information gathered can be branded as useful, valid or even accurate. The importance of he evaluation process can not hence be overstated and in that regard, the quality of information as well as data gathered would be largely dependent on these three aspects.


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