Time and Cultural Influence on American Education


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Since time immemorial, human societies have been interested in education and according to some commentators; teaching is one of the oldest professions. In this text, I discuss the various experiences I had as a student in the context of historical education philosophies. I also discuss the primary characteristics of the teaching profession and discus show they have been impacted by the evolution of education philosophy.

A discussion

As a student, the learning process was largely continuous. I probably thought that I would study up to a certain point where I would attain enough knowledge and hence promptly cease any further learning. I remember I used to wonder why people advanced their studies and why there were so many levels of education. Little did I know that as one of the oldest profession in the world, education or learning thereof was largely a continuous process. Further, in the course of my education, I have come to appreciate that education is largely dynamic and keeps on changing constantly. This is through the discovery of new ideas; discarding of others as well as building upon those that have already been developed.

Hence as a student, I learnt hat education is dynamic and hence will continue changing going forward. Further, as a student, I learnt that education contributes towards an individuals holistic development. The skills I learnt as I pursued my studies in various levels went ahead to make me a better person in a variety of ways. For instance, my interaction as well as interpersonal skills and communication capabilities were in one way or the other enhanced and hence with that in mind, education contributed towards my holistic development.

When it comes to the primary characteristics of the teaching profession Good (2000) is of the opinion that adherence to standards comes in tops. He is however quick to note that the characteristics of the teaching profession are not fixed and in that regard, each characteristic is largely dependent on a number of factors. Other characteristics of the teaching profession include but are not limited to decision making as well as continuous improvement.

When it comes to adherence to standards, those in the teaching profession must ensure that they adhere to the laid down guidelines when it comes to the execution of their duties. Next, teachers must make various decisions when it comes to the execution of their mandate. This is essentially because as they go about their teaching business, they encounter scenarios where their wise counsel is expected to prevail. Last but not least, to remain relevant in the teaching profession, those in the teaching profession must undertake to continuously enhance their skills in the light of new developments in their chosen area of specialization. This is akin to the Japanese principle of Kaizen which essentially means continuous improvement. Good (2000) noted that though by a small extent, the evolution of the philosophy of education has had some impact on the characteristics of the teaching profession. This included the seriousness in which some characteristics are taken today i.e. when it comes to the adherence to standards.


In conclusion, it may be noted that teaching as one of the oldest profession shall continue to be regarded highly going forward. However, to remain relevant in the fast changing world, deliberate measures should be taken to make the profession more responsive to the changes at the societal level.


Good, T.L. (2000). American education: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Humana Press


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