The U.S


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The U.S

It is important to note that over time, the U.S has come to be one of the most ethnically as well as racially diverse countries in the world. In this regard, the most commonly recognized races include African Americans, Asians, American Indians as well as the White.

A discussion

The information about ethnicity as well as race that has helped me better understand as well as relate to specific minority groups includes the histories as well as historic trends regarding these groups. That is, after five centuries of immigration, the 21st century US has come to be racially as well as ethnically diverse. Further, an understanding of the various familial, economic, religious as well as social and religious conventions as well as statuses has made me understand as well as relate to Hispanic groups better.It is important to note that as far as my cultural history is concerned, I have leant volumes of information regarding the same.

More specifically, I have learnt of the past events that informed my culture as well as the cultural practices, ceremonies as well as activities that make my culture unique.As a result of immigration trends, the US face continues to change as well as adjust going forward. According to Marger (2008), the majority of the population shall be made up of Hispanic Whites.  This essentially means that the non-Hispanic whites shall be in the minority.With this projection in mind, the country must come up with measures aimed at preparing for this changing race as well as ethnicity pattern. One way to do this could be through embracing diversity and eliminating discrimination of any kind and dimension.


In conclusion, it is important to note that the changing race as well as ethnicity equation of the US calls is a reality. It is hence prudent for all individuals to embrace diversity through an enhanced understanding of each others customs as well as practices for a start.


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