The Sustainable Growth Of Interface, Inc.


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In order to achieve a merging of social responsibility with economic growth, in the  future, Ray Anderson the chairman and founder of  Interface Inc. suggests the ways of  attaining zero waste and high profitability. Most of his life has been devoted to ensuring there is environmental vandal.  His career is based on mastering the 20cth century black magic dealing with the petroleum huge take and spinning these challenges into brocades of elegance.

Petroleum which is a natural resource is not replaceable yet millions and millions of individuals are in need of it on daily basis.  The corridors and the beautifully woven brocades are instead things which will forever last in the United States and all the countries in the globe.  Many fabrics often wear out after ten years of use. This paper will examine the contributions of the Interface Inc. CEO, Ray Anderson to this company especially in ensuring its sustainable growth.

Ray Anderson is credited for his continuous support for Interface. Inc success. The company is based in Atlanta with employees total of about seven thousand three hundred.  The Interface Inc. is a company dealing with making textiles from petrochemicals. It has twenty six sub-factories based in various continents making it a global company. Each day these factories produce million pounds of fabric and synthetic and each years seven tones or even more of air pollutants are emitted from this company.

Ray Anderson has earned wards in industrial capitalism and he is a certified captain in the sector. Nationwide, he is also considered as a leading radical environmentalist. In 1994, Ray Anderson changed the direction his carpet company was taking by introducing aiming to bring a transformation to the countrys economy. He said that Interface would be, the first fully sustainable industrial enterprise all over the world and he decided that petrochemical conglomerate would become 100% environmentally friendly.

The companys vision for the 21st century is to transform from using virgin nylon yarn for stitching the fabrics. The factories of the company as well as its offices would also use renewal power sources exclusively. The companys strategic plan for the century is to produce no wastes through the recycling and reclaiming its own products and utilizing them in the production of other new textiles.

In the achievements to be within its orbit of sustainability, interface has managed to pull customers and suppliers through emphasizing on recycling of its products and ensuring that the waste materials are non toxic which would impact on customers perspective towards carpeting and the businesses they own as well. Ray Anderson said that he wanted to be pioneer in bring about industrial revolution through his company.  His main is to turn the whole economy of the US both from within and without. His objective is to harness the triumph and awesome capitalism economy into an engine of fixing the environment before the companies die out from their own waste materials.

Since the 21 century, industrial capitalism has been linear in relentless and obvious ways aspects like packaging, waste, marketing, raw materials, product and energy.  Anderson aim is to make business move to the next level in developing a cyclic capitalism through making companies to be responsible for their own waste. According to him, there should be no garbage in nature but instead waste products should be recycled into useful materials. The thinking of Ray Anderson is highly advanced which is seen in Interface efforts to change the direction.

The company is ranked among the big companies which are highly evolving to a positive direction in the US and the whole world in general.  This success is mainly seen in the companys effort to combine economic growth and social responsibility in a way which many other companies have not.  For Interface Inc. growth and social responsibility are one and the same. In 2006, the company developed a strategic program called the Mission Zero which aims at eliminating the companys negative consequences to the environment by the year   2020.

In 2007 the company won the Recyclers award of the years given by Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE, 2007). It was also voted as the company with an environmentally sustainable business by the Globe span survey and from the Queens Award for Sustainable Development. Interface.Inc has over the years grown with the increase of its sales.  The company has become the global leader in the production, modular carpet sale, in its design and in the marketing, manufacturing and the leading server of floor covering products for residential, institutional and commercial markets.

Modular carpets sales in the past recent years have have growth significant growth in the whole company. As being the best designers and architects, customers have continued to recognize the superior and unique attributes   of this modular carpet. The country recognizes the companys dynamic capabilities with its design which has brought great value to the countrys economy. The company through the efforts of Ray Anderson is seen as a company which has managed to reduce the costs of its products through reducing its waste in aspects of replacement and installation and speed and ease of installation.

From 2005 to 2009, the companys Modular Carpet sales segment which was not inclusive of the segment in Bentley Prince Streets grew from $646.2 to $765.3 million which indicates a rate of 4% growth each year. These phenomena had been predicated by Ray Anderson in 1996 when the company attained an amount of $1 billon from $800 million the previous year. He said that, the world has just witnessed the first sustainable company $200 million profit in its business. The performance seen in Interface. Inc demystifies the myth that the stewardship of    the environment leads to extra cost spending.

Its first project in 1997 in sustaining the environment, the company save an amount of $ 50 million through the reduction of its energy costs, material costs and through the reduction of waste. This profit made the company to make a decision of not dumping any of its wastes products but instead transform its waste in to useful products. For a company to be like Interface. Global Inc. it will have to commit its time and resources. It cannot take a year or two in inveting itself into a modern enterprise to achieve its business and sustainability growth while at the same time focusing on environment conservation.

Development strategies have to be implemented to bring about dramatic change to such a company. It is important for companies to learn ways of reusing their products and waste.  Interface for example leases its carpets, and buys old ones. After recycling them, the company resale the carpets to buyers. Ray Anderson is a CEO other companies CEO should emulate because he is a person who has changed the world in the 21st century.



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