The Struggle of Kurdish Nationalism In 1980s


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 Kurdistan is the core root of the so called the Kurdish nationalism which resulted from the independence. In the late 19th century, a certain movement came together with the aim of getting their own state. The Kurdish landowner was the first person to establish the Kurdish nationalist movement which wanted independence of the so called the Kurdish state. Actually the struggle under which the Kurds went through was not simple as many thought simply because the majority were against the idea of having independence. The struggle of Kurdish nationalism in 1980s forms the basis of our thesis which will help us in conducting our research, (Ahmed & Gunter 2007).

Before the end of the 19th century, the Kurds felt that they wanted a free state. This is the reason as to why the Kurdish nationalism started so as fight for the independence of the Kurdish state. The struggle of Kurdish nationalism never started immediately but it only came later in 19th century having Kurdish landowner being the leader of the movement. After the ottoman centralist policies, Kurds felt that creating a movement would bring some sort of togetherness although it never happened. Some of the Kurds were not for the decision to acquire independence and that become the starting point of the struggle of the Kurdish nationalism.

The reason behind forming a movement whose intentions was to fight for independence was that the Sheik thought that other countries never recognized that country. According to the leader, all other countries had a mandate to know that the Kurds lived in an independent country. When the leader of the movement demanded for the states independence, he wanted other countries authorities such as Turkish and Persian not interfere with the countrys way of development, (Ahmed & Gunter 2007).

The struggle of Kurdish nationalism in 1980s is all about our research work. So as to get the whole idea about our research topic, I will interview four scholars who shall provide me with information in relation to what happened in 1980s. The first scholar will be Olson, R who will actually gives us brief information on the Kurdish nationalist movement which was formed to fight for independence. We will get to know how the movement was formed and what steps were taken to ensure that each of the citizens was not against the idea of looking for independence.

The second scholar will be Ahmed M who will in line with Olson helps us understand how the Kurds movement was formed and intentions of the movement. The third and the fourth scholars will be the Berberoglu and DeRouen. Both of these scholars will provide us with important information about the conflicts that rose during the struggle of Kurdish nationalism in 1980s, (Ahmed & Gunter 2007).

The idea behind formation of Kurds movements was only to get independence and to make other countries not to exercise powers over the Kurds. I think that the Kurds were in one way or the other treated as minor by other countries and that is why they were to fight for their independence. Some Kurds were not for the idea simply because they thought that they could not made it in getting full independence, (Ahmed & Gunter 2007).


Ahmed, M.A., &Gunter, M.M. (2007).The evolution of Kurdish nationalism.Mazda Publishers



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