The Sick Rose


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 The sick rose is a poem written by William Blake. The poem was first published in 1974. After publication, William, included the poem in his collection titled songs of experience. The poem has been written in various forms. She dwelt among the untrodden ways is a poem written by William Wordsworth. The poem consists of three stanzas. The poem was first written in 1798 and first reprinted in lyrical ballads in 1800.

The poem is considered one of the best poems written by William Wordsworth. It is also the most favorite poems amongst the readers. The author used the poem to show his own feeling of loneness and loss. Also the author used the poem to portray the beauty and dignity of Lucy. This paper analyzes the two poems and compares and contrasts them.


 The author of She dwelt among the untrodden ways poem used the poem to show his feeling of loneliness and loss. In addition, the author uses the poem to show Lucys beauty and dignity. Most people do not notice Lucys beauty and dignity. But only the poet notices her beauty. This is evidenced by the title of the poem. Her title of the poem shows that Lucy lived unnoticed in a remote place. People in the area did not notice Lucy both   intellectually and physically.

The author has used the topic to show isolation and the   roman tic expectations of human beings and also show his condition. Most critics like Kenneth Ober argue that the poem is used to show Lucys growth, perfection and death. The poem does not show the love between Lucy and the poet clearly. The poem does not show if the poet expressed his love to the poet or whether the poet expressed his love to Lucy.

However, the poets feeling are shown in the last verse as he reveals that his love has died alone. The author has used symbolism to convey the message to the reader. For example, the poems title untrodden ways is symbolic. The title shows how Lucy is   physical isolated from the poet. It also shows how people have not identified unknown details in her mind and life. The author of the poet does not show his affection only, but he also shows Lucys experience during her death(WordsWorth, 1992).

The author has used simple language to show describe the dignity. The author uses   simple language that consists of words of one syllable. In the first quatrain, the author   examines the isolated area where Lucy lives. He also shows how the area is not exploited. In the second, Quatrain, William analyzes Lucys innocence and beauty. For instance, the   author compares Lucys beauty with the beauty of a flower that is hidden. The last stanza is used to show Lucys early days and her loneliness death. Only the pet notices Lucys death (WordsWorth, 1992).

Throughout the poem, the author has intertwined sadness and happiness. This is shown by the exclamation marks in the second verses and third verses. In these verses, the author shows his love towards Lucy and also the sadness that the poet suffers due to Lucy natal. Most critics criticize how the poet has   descried   Lucys feminism. They argue that the poet has described Lucy using girlish term. The critics view Lucy as important character in the poem and should not be described using such words (WordsWorth, 1992).

In the sick Rose, the author analyzes a rose and informs the audience how the love is sick. The author argues that an invisible poem has stolen a howling worm into the bed at night. In addition, the author argues that the dark secret love of the worm is affecting the life of the rose. The author reveals in the poem how the dark secret love of the worm is   damaging the life of the roses. The poem consists of two quatrains. The quatrains rhyme   ABCB. The rhyme in the poem has contributed a lot in the message. It has helped the author convey the message. For instance, the author has used the rhythm to inform the rose of her death (Gioia &Kennedy, 2005).

The two poems are similar and different some ways. First, the authors have used different styles to write the poems. For example, the authors use symbolism to convey the message to the reader. Blake has used symbolism in his poem She dwelt among the untrodden ways .The title of the poem is symbolic as stated above. The title shows the isolation of the main character in the poem, Lucy. Also, Blake has used symbolism in his work.

For example, the author has used the rose to symbolize love. The author uses the rose in the poem as a beautiful natural object that is infected by the worm. In addition, the author uses literary rose to symbolize love. Also, the author has used the worms to symbolize   death and decay. Moreover, Blake has used the  word bed  to symbolize natural   flowerbed and the  lovers  beds.The author clams that the worms creep into the beds.The  title of  the poem the  rose  is  sick  is symbolic like the title the She dwelt among the untrodden ways .

The  title  the rose  is  sick  show  how the love is sick, but the rose  is  not aware if it is sick. It is difficulty for a normal rose to know anything about its   condition. The same principle applies to love as love does not know anything about itself .In the poem, the worm carries out destruction without any  knowledge. The worm is not   visible as it enters the bed and affects the rose secretly. The joy of the rose shows sexual pleasure and shame (Gioia &Kennedy, 2005).

Wordsworth has used alliteration in his poem the She dwelt among the untrodden ways. Alliteration involves repetition of the consonant sounds in a sentence. For instance he has repeated several consonant sounds in the title the She dwelt among the untrodden ways Another alteration is shown in the sentence below Beside the springs of Dove. The two authors have used metaphors and similes in their work.

For example, Wordsworth has used metaphors and d similes in the poem. For example, he compares   Lucy to a dove. He also compares Lucy to the stars in the poem.In addition, Blake compares the worms to love. This is because the worms are not aware   of their own condition and also love is not aware of its own condition. He also compares the sickness of the rose to the sickness of love (Gioia &Kennedy, 2005).

The two poems are similar as they   talk about love. In the sick rose, the author analyzes how love is sick. In the She dwelt among the untrodden ways, the author   analyzes his love towards Lucy. The poem shows the poets feeling towards Lucy. The two poems differ a lot. This is because the poem the sick rose talks about an object, it does not specifically talk about a woman, but about a rose. On the other hand, the poem, the She dwelt among the untrodden ways talks about a woman, Lucy. The poem the She dwelt among the untrodden ways is addressed to Lucy while the poem the Sick rose is addressed to the general audience.

The Blakes poem is used to show how the society views love, but the Wordsworth poem does not show how the society views love. First, the two poems address the secrecy and the hidden. For example, Wordsworth poem analyzes how the society does not recognize Lucys beauty and dignity, but the author does. The She dwelt among the untrodden waysshows how the society takes love and sexuality secret (Gioia &Kennedy, 2005).


 In conclusion, the authors have used the two poems to analyze love. Though the two authors use different methods to analyze love, they employ similar stylistic devices. For instance, the authors use symbolism and symbolism. For example, the titles of the two poems are symbolic. The poems are different as they focus on different audience.


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