The American Dream


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In the article Rethinking the American Dream, the author analyzes whether the American dream is endangered or whether it has been misplaced. The author explores the way the American beliefs have changed. For instance, he analyzes individualism of the west, social consequence of the FDR etc. This has made it easy for the author to show how the American dream became famous and successful. The author analyzes patriotism in the country in act one. He claimed that most people were likely to feel patriotic as such times. In addition, hart claims that most of the Americans who have come before him and after him were conquered by the strength of the American dream (Kamp, 2009). He claims that the Americans are unique unlike other people in the world as they have an official national dream.

The national dream is considered part of the country’s charter. This is evidenced in the second line of the declaration   of independence. The line states that people have inseparable rights indicated in the charter. For instance, they have the right to life, liberty and top look for happiness. The rights make America and the citizens life attractive among other people in other countries. In the article, the new American president, Obama analyzes the current economic crisis in the country. The economic crisis has led to loose of jobs and reduction in domestic product by 3.8% in 2008.It also led to the worst contraction that has ever been experienced in the country for the last 30 years. The president argues that the economic crisis is a disaster for Americans families and the disaster affects the American dream.

Hart argues that the disaster affects the optimism the Americans have and the faith that things will soon be normal. Though most people see the American dream being wiped away, Hart sees the American dream achievable. He argues that people should change their expectation of the dream and understanding of the term. Most people associate the term American dream with success and wealth. Most authors like Adam have also linked the term with richness. In addition, the declaration for independence also used the term. The declaration for independence helped put the rich men at the same level with ordinary men by declaring some human rights. The Adams work and declaration for independence made America a place where everyone would live regardless of their social class and race.

Adams argues that America offered liberties and opportunities that are not found in other countries and this made the country unique. The characteristics have made America remain unique even today, though most do not notice it due to insecurity in the country. Adam stated that the American dream was to provide a land with richness and opportunity for all. Though the land offers the richness and opportunity, people achieve it differently according to Adams argument. Adams further argues the elimination of the American frontier has eliminated the immature and individualist wild West view of the American dream. This was evidenced when Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt became the president as people were able to share the American dream. The presidents encouraged citizens to work together. In addition, the citizens started to get social security funds (Kamp, 2009).

The author has also outlined the American dream in the FDR day. During this day, many people like Henry Luce wanted America to fight for freedom, equality and independence. This forced President Roosevelt to prepare the Americans to fight for the human rights. Others like Norman Rockwell expressed the rights in paintings. Later, the American dream changed to consumerist as most of the Americans lost their priorities. For instance, the Americans concentrated on consumerism at the expense of developing public sectors like schools. This led to increase in living standards among the Americans. The Americans started spending and this led to economic growth. The money revolution in the country made the American dream real. This is because most citizens became rich and happy. In 1990s and 2000, most Americans considered the American dream unachievable due to the mortgage and credit card crisis. This is also evidenced today where different generations have different expectations. Hart argues that the citizens should work hard in order to achieve the American dream. They should also provide education to children without interfering with their childhood. They should also be able to own homes without creating debts that cannot be met (Kamp, 2009).


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