Testing, the Chinese Way


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Actually the article did affect my own opinion of regularly administered testing simply because it provided me with some knowledge about importance of such testing. Unlike adults, children and not self motivated meaning that with the help of standard regular testing they get to know what they are required to do. I never through that frequent testing play a vital role to students who perform poorly in class. Its vital to keep day to day testing if you think your child performs poorly simply because regularly testing broadens the mind of the child. Sometimes standard testing does not meet all the expectations of the teacher and that is why mostly students are subjected to regular testing. When teachers use regular testing it is easy to determine which direction they are taking in their teaching. Sometimes standard testing does not work accordingly and that is why some teachers are forced to use regular testing to determine the academic understanding level of their students, (Rosenthal, 2010).

Actually its true that even through children are performing bad during their regular testing, it forms a forum under which teachers can make arrangements of assisting them where they have went wrong. Without any objection, regular administered testing does reinforce my ideas simply because students who are not subjected to regular tests are likely to perform poor unlike those who are subjected to test. According to the article, a research was done and concluded that students who are not sharp actually have tutors who are lazy in providing regular testing. From the article I can second that since children are not self motivated, they require regular testing which keeps their brains sharp and ready to given different thoughts, (Rosenthal, 2010).

Although standard testing helps tutors in coming up with a common aspect of examine, regular testing also plays a vital role in ensuring that your students are smart to undertake  standard tests. This is so simply because tutors are able to determine students weak and strong areas thus take necessary actions. From the article we can actually see those students who are used to regular tests complain and feel as though they are not getting learning, (Rosenthal, 2010).

How do you actually know your child is learning? Do you have to wait until the end of the test or do you provide regular test to determine what has to be done? Tests are required to be taken regularly to provide a forum of assessing those who require assistance in their learning. In order to know the progress of your planned curriculum, regular tests should be provided so as to know what have been covered and what needs to be covered. Some students are against regular testing which is an important measure in their learning simply because it provides teachers with information about areas which requires to be covered, (Rosenthal, 2010).

Although regular testing is vital in students learning, there is a certain limit and level which should be tested. How do you test a child who does not know how to write and read? Regular testing should be provided to those students have attained level of learning thus keep them alert of anything. In conclusion I would say that for a good standard testing to take place, regular testing should be there to allow students get used to common things which they are likely to face in future, (Rosenthal, 2010).


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