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 Terrorism has become a major issue in many countries. For instance, it has become an issue in united state. The government has developed measures to control terrorism like improving the transfer of information and sharing. The move has negative impact on the Americans as it affects their rights as they are not able to communicate freely.


The United States government has developed various counter terrorism measures. For instance, the government has planned to improve the transfer of information and communication in the country. The government has planned to enhance the digital information and communication infrastructure in the country. United States is considered a digital country as most of the things in the country are built on cyber space.

For instance, the economic, infrastructure and safety of the public is built on the cyber space (The white house, 2011).  The digital infrastructure is not secure as it is prone to terrorist attacks. As a result the government has planned to adapt the current technology so as to help improve the digital information and communication infrastructure. The government plans to improve the intelligence services and sharing of information in the country. This is to ensure there is effective sharing of information that is important to the countrys security.

For instance, the government is able to identify terrorist threats and prevent terrorist attacks. Though the president is committed to improve and protect the privacy of the citizens and civil rights, the privacy and civil rights of the citizens have become a major issue. This is because most citizens think, the counter terrorism measures being used by the government are interfering with their rights as stated in the constitution (Levy, 2007).


Though the move is important in enhancing the citizens security and countrys security, it also has a negative impact on the citizens. It can interfere with the freedom of the citizens and other rights stated in the constitution. So, the government should carry out the measures carefully to prevent such effects.




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