Technology and Crime


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It is important to note that in the current day and age, crimes which in one way or the other facilitated by technology continue to increase in number and scope. While some of these technology crimes result in minimal losses or no loss at all, others threaten the very well being of corporations, individuals as well as societies.

Technology and crime

In a story carried on the Herald Tribune on Feb 25th and headlined Man accused of hacking into theaters website, a man from North Port was accused of hacking into the Players Theatre website, an action that informed the crushing of the site. The man going by the name John B. Russell faces a number of charges including but not in any way limited to property crime as well as intellectual property crime charges. Police indicated that the activities of the hacker informed the complete shutdown of the website and went ahead to make the purchase of tickets by patrons impossible.

It is important to note that instances of cyber crime have taken root with the most casualties including businesses which continue to loose billions of money to hackers on an annual basis. One of the more recent instances of corporations loosing money to hacker activities was incident that resulted in a subsidiary of Digital River loosing $275,000 to a computer hacker who accessed the subsidiary networks. According to Savona (2004) as the internet and e-commerce grow in popularity, businesses will inevitably spend billions of shillings towards the enhancement of heir networks security. A similar position is held by Siegel, L.J. (2008).


In conclusion, the only way to bring down instances of crime facilitated by technology is through bringing together the concerted efforts of all the stakeholders. This shall go a long way towards eliminating the various ethical, judicial as well as technical challenges associated with bringing down instances of crimes related to technology.


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