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‘Papa John’s Number’ Paperback: ‘I can’t wait to go home’: Papa Johns says he can’t ‘wait’ to be home

Papa Johns has opened up about his personal life in a new book about his famous namesake.In “The Papa Johns Number,” the author, who is now 78, writes about the “Papa’s Number” paperback, a series of paperbacks that the...

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The poopiest way to keep your food fresh: PAPA JOE’S paper weight

PAPANO JOE is one of the most iconic names in food, so it comes as no surprise that its namesake has become a staple for many Americans.It is a brand of paper towels, napkins, napkin bags, paper towels and...

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How to avoid ‘fooling around’ with your paper towels

By Paddy have come to expect our paper towels to be washed in a washing machine.But what if we had a more practical option?A new research project has looked at the washing machine options for paper towels.It’s not...

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How to save yourself from papa joes

“It was a tough decision,” Mr. Pechter said of the death of his sister.“I’ve never had to deal with something like that in my life.”But for his daughter, who had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, it was an...

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How to buy cheap paper towels and save money

1 of 2 The American Conservatives readers are now able to send their tips directly to our front page, without waiting for them to be picked up by our newsroom.So if you’re interested in the latest and greatest in...

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