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The Best Paper Paperplanes in the World

Amazons, Macy’s, and Microsoft are all in the business of paper planes.It seems only fitting that the largest paper manufacturer is also the one that makes the most.But what exactly makes a paper plane?What makes a plane “a paper...

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term paper

How to craft a good, smooth, elegant cigar

Now Playing: The NFL’s ‘Papa Romano’s’ are in the news again, and the NFLPA wants to get involved Now Playing …New York City’s ‘Famous’ beer and pizza joint has been closed for almost a year Now Playing …What you...

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How to Get Your Papers Back in a Year and a Half

Paper lanterns are a favorite among the papas.But they can also be a nuisance, and you might not be able to get rid of them, especially if you’re looking to take them out.Here are the 10 tips you should...

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Apple unveils iPhone XS Max, new Paper planes, paper paper io 3D

Apple is finally launching the iPhone X. This comes a day after the company revealed the first version of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.The new iPhones have an edge-to-edge design that will come in handy for those with...

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