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Masters Thesis/How to write a masters thesis/Master’s thesis proposal

Writing a masters thesis is a prerequisite to receiving masters degree. The process of writing a thesis may seem complicated to some students. This is the main reason why I will briefly outline the process and give some of the key steps to follow when writing a masters thesis paper. It is first of all essential to give a clear definition of the term. A masters thesis can be defined as a scholarly argumentative paper with words ranging from twelve to thirteen thousand. This implies that a masters thesis is about 50 pages long. It should give an original presentation of an argument clearly documented from both secondary and primary sources.

It is essential for a substantial research component to be present in a maters thesis paper. Writing of the paper should be monitored by an advisor. Therefore, a thesis paper gives a student a chance to showcase expertise in a specific field, as the final element of a masters degree.A student should begin thinking about the thesis from the moment of enrollment in a masters degree course. By the end of the semester, it is advisable for a student to have already found a topic as well as an advisor to guide through the writing process and research process. A masters thesis advisor may be chosen from the regular members of the faculty.

It is the role of a student to find an appropriate thesis advisor. The role of the advisor is not only to provide a general guidance but also to help a student refine a topic and develop an argument. Majority of students prefer choosing faculty members they are conversant with, and those who have worked with them in their courses. It is very important for the thesis topic as well as thesis advisors to be approved by the specific masters program that a student enrolled.There is a specific process or protocol for writing a masters thesis. The initial stage is doing research on a chosen topic.

This should be followed by preparing an abstract of one to two paragraphs, a preliminary bibliography and finally an outline. This should be done prior to approaching a probable advisor since it will help in convincing the advisor concerning the interest and value of the project. It is essential for students to hold contact meeting with their advisors is that they can update them about the progress of the masters thesis paper. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that copies forwarded to the advisors are free of common mistakes of language, grammar and spelling. This means that revising and proofreading are important steps that should not be overlooked when writing masters thesis papers prior to submission.

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