Sustainable Towers in Malaysia


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In architecture, it is important to have a relationship between the site of the building, the landscape and its function. These three factors should be used to shape the buildings in the construction. An example of an ancient architecture which shows such close relationship is the sustainable towers which are found in Malaysia.


The architecture of the sustainable towers is original and this is shown by the structures which are marine inspired. The design of the towers was due to the inspiration of the landscape. The landscape in which these towers stand is unique and this is shown by its inclusion of an artificial lake. In the site of these towers, there is a sea. It can be observed that this was used in shaping the buildings since the whole development has the resemblance of a ships fleet. As is expected to be found in the seas, the buildings were made in the shapes of cowry shells thus showing its relationship with the sea and the lake which are characteristic features in the site and landscape. In addition to the landscape and the site which are represented in the buildings, the towers also show a modern culture of Islam. The buildings have strategies that are sustainable for instance sunshades, terraces, and natural ventilation. Therefore, these towers are significant in that they show a resemblance to nature.


The sustainable towers in Malaysia are a good example in which the site, function and landscape on which its buildings stand are related to the shape of the buildings. This is shown by the structure of the buildings which are representative of the sea, and generally water bodies which make the background of the towers.


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