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Hate crime according to Sullivan is crime against an individual or property on the basis of being associated or perceived to be associated with a particular group of people in the society. Hate crime is a form of a crime or which are motivated by biasness. Aspects such as a victims religion, ethnicity, nationality race, disability gender or sexual orientation can be the cause of the hate crime.

Unlike tradition crimes such as hate over an individual, hate crimes are more harmful because they target the entire group or community beyond and individual person. Hate crimes in many countries in the globe have outlawed hate crime and have passed strict punishment for individuals engaging in such acts (Sullivan. 2009, pp 12).

A person beaten and killed after confrontation, robbery with violence or due to personal differences cannot be considered as hate crime. This means that there are certain crimes which are triggered by hate. Currently, prosecutors and all the criminal justice system practitioners have been able to analyze crimes which are either facilitated by hate and those which are not. 

This was not the case a decade ago.  The laws against hate crimes are   supported by many people in the society. The supporters argue that hate crimes unlike any normal crime against individual spread hatred, fear and panic to all the members of the population therefore making hate crime a subject of much concern. Some cases do not fall under crime hate but do terrify the whole community. For example random murder, burglary, assault, and robbery are crime which frighten, spread distress and suspicion and victimize the whole community (Sullivan. 2009, pp 42).

There are groups and communities in the world which experience intense feeling of fear than others. This is because of the intimidation and persecution they have experienced in history. This does not simply narrows down to the minorities. For example we should just assume that the people who get easily intimidated a re the Jews, or gay en or black women. Some groups which have experienced hate crimes in human history include the Holocaust survivors and the Mexican immigrants subjected to slavery. Other forms of hate crimes in todays existing laws include rape pitting feminists in various ethnic groups.

To Sullivan hate crimes represents laws act as a representation of the contemporary liberalism pernicious side since they deal with thought control. The liberals are not only supposed to be protected from discrimination. This is because they are meant to eliminate antigay sentiment impulse. The laws also downplay the severity and incidence of hate crimes. The motivation of any crime according to Sullivan and even crime itself cannot be clearly separated. To Sullivan, truth is the distinction of crime from personal   crime and from group hate (Sullivan. 2009, pp 122).

It is important to develop a society which will treat people differently based away from discrimination due to race, color sexual orientation and religion. This can help in putting away violence hate crime and any other bias feeling in the socity. The government should continue to develop political walls and construct legal laws despite the hard task of eliminating hate from human beings.

Through various studies we learn that hate is not simply because of ignorance but various powerful institutions have continued to propagate it. The government should evolve being a curtailing power of hate speech and assertion but instead ensure there are laws and punitive penalties against hate crimes and violent expressions.

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Publisher SAGE, pp 222


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