Struggles in Judaism


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In Judaism, women have had more than their fair share of discrimination, or so it seems to the keen observer. According to Meyer (2001), religion is a form of string that is supposed to act as a link between people but when it comes to Judaism, this is a flawed perception. Women are increasingly marginalized and this can be illustrated through a detailed look into a number of issues in regard to women roles within Judaism. Bein (1990) notes that just like it has been in the past, some Judaism practices seem to highlight the unimportant of females. For instance, only three of the 613 Mitzvot of Torah are supposed to be women.

Indeed, the only obligation in which Jewish women are expected to fulfill includes Niddah, Challah as well as Nerot. As a matter of fact, of the three Mitzvot put aside for women, a man can undertake the first two. However, it is important to note that quite a number of feminist groups have gone ahead to oppose some Judaism practices like Niddah as it puts female impurity in a negative perspective. However, if their dissenting voices are to be heard, there needs to be an all inclusive approach bringing together all interested parties as well as stakeholders so as to address issues that are largely contentious in the Judaism setting.

As Kaplan (2010) notes, to address issues revolving around assimilation as well as integration, the various branches of Judaism including the reform, conservative as well as orthodox arms need to be reviewed. This is essentially because the three arms have a role to play in Torah interpretation.


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