Stress and Work-Family Conflict


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 Stress is mental or bodily tension caused by mental physical and emotional factors (Kaiser, 2010). In Sarahs case the stress she experiences may be attributed to the tough case that she is working on as a lawyer. The anticipation of failure or perhaps lack of evidence and any other material facts in the case as well as the anxiety of the verdict may be the causative agents of her stress.

Sarah also has two children to take care of and as a mother and lawyer she may be overwhelmed by family responsibilities and her work, thus causing tension in her daily life. Other potential sources may include spousal relationship problems such as lack appropriate communication, lack finances and disobedient children.

Sarahs case may be well explained by the spillover work-family conflict model. Under this model it is postulated that the impact of one domain affects another domain through a transference process. Thus there are positive and negative spill over where satisfaction or dissatisfaction, energy (positive or negative) and sense of success and accomplishments or failures derived from one part such as home or work place are transferred to another (Kaiser, 2010).  

This is because the dissatisfaction that Sarah gets at work spills over into her family life. Work-life supports are steps undertaken to make the working experience of employees better and less stressful. As an employer the following may serve the purpose. This can be achieved through making of arrangements which are flexible when working such as part-time working, telecommuting and casual work.

The provision compulsory leaves and stricter working hours limit can create an environment that enables workers to stop working when required to avoid stress (Kaiser, 2010). Counseling services may also help alleviate stress. However, the work-life supports may pose further challenges. For example, making flexible working hours through part-time working programs, may mean that the employer may lack the services of an employee at some intervals and thus making it necessary to higher extra employees for interchange and this may add to his/her costs of operation.

Inter-change of employees in part-time working may affect the quality of work because it is done by many people. Telecommuting and casual work may not be possible in some instances such as Sarahs, because as a lawyer she needs to be there physically. The provision of compulsory leaves and imposition of strict working time limits may render the work poorly done and some works may stall as employees wait for the next working time.

However, all these steps are advantageous because they improve the employees morale and strength to continue working (Kaiser, 2010). In order for Sarah to combat the stress she experiences she should try to have a proper work and rest balance, and if possible get professional advice from counselors on how to manage her work-life balance as well as stress levels.


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