Strategic Management Theory


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Over time, analysts from diverse fields have speculated on competition between a variety of social media sites. However, analysts often err in pairing up the wrong companies in that some graphical comparison data may spite one company against another even when both companies do not have much in common as far as their services and target markets are concerned. However, when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, the competition is real as both companies have a lot in common. It therefore follows that Twitter must embrace a number of business principles as well as strategies to avert a Facebook assault.

Synopsis of the situation

Over time, a wide range of signals between Twitter and Facebook have been witnessed with each company seemingly adopting measures aimed at locking the other out of the market. This is especially the case with the recent Facebook redesigning where a number of features have been introduced such as the one that allows celebrities as well as other public figures to communicate with their fans from all over the world. According to some industry observers, the latest measures by Facebook seem to be desperate attempts to encroach on twitters specialties. Perhaps by doing this, Facebook seeks to grow its market by giving fans little reason to try twitter.

Key issues

Some of the key issues facing twitter as Facebook seeks to flex its muscle include the lack of financial capability, much like Facebook. does. Indeed, Facebook has tried to acquire twitter in the past and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so if it got a chance. Further the efforts by Facebook to mimic some of twitters services might indeed be successful in decreasing the numbers of those who subscribe on twitter given that there millions of people do not belong to either social media platform.

A definition of the problem

Though in the short-term things are looking up for twitter especially in terms of unexploited opportunities, it is probable that in the long term, Facebook could see the revenues of the former nosedive substantially hence eroding its very ability to remain relevant in the social media marketplace. This is especially the case given that Facebook commands a respectable clientele base of 150 million compared to twitters 6 million. Furthermore, most of the actions by Facebook seem to be well coordinated move to attain market dominance. This informs twitters need to ensure that it is no edged out of the market unceremoniously.

Alternative solutions

Here are a number of strategies twitter should adopt to deflate the onslaught by Facebook. This includes utilizing its capabilities to enhance its features. For instance, its stellar technology which was acquired from Summarize should be utilized to do much more than track real-time conversations. Further, it should exploit other potentials including but not in any way limited to enhancing access to information in real time from the web. However, twitter founder Evan William seems to be aware of the limitless possibilities twitter has not yet exploited if his sentiments that he is not through with making twitter a formidable business or service are anything to go by. However, twitters undoing lies in its slow pace of implementation of working measures. It might also consider introducing other social media services as well as get into new partnerships to stalk afloat. Further twitter could do better with a new breed of managers and top level executives as well as adoption of a new corporate culture much like that of goggle.

Selected solutions to the problem

Twitter could choose to embrace a more vibrant corporate culture that seeks to enhance employee performance. This would be a good start for the short-term as it would motivate employees to be more innovative. Further, getting into new partnerships could be the way to go. This shall give the venture new capital with which it can exploit new possibilities.


According to Charles (2009), implementation is often the most difficult phase of the change process. This is essentially because the implementation could end up being held up by poor planning, resource constraints as well as sabotage by dissatisfied employees. To ensure that the implementation of the selected solutions to the problem above is successful, twitter must involve every individual from the top to the lower level management in the formulation of e solutions. This goes a long way to ensure that every member of the corporation has a stake in the solutions proposed and hence participates fully in their implementation. Proper planning during the problem formulation phase is also of utmost importance.


Twitter should come up with a time frame within which it should complete the solution formulation as well as implementation process. It is through this that deviations from what has been laid down can be identified and appropriate corrective actions taken in a timely manner.


In conclusion, it is important to note that the only way for twitter to avert the onslaught by Facebook is by adopting counteractive measured tailored to ensure that twitter does not only remain relevant in the market but also increase its clientele base and hence its bottom-line.


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