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Question 1

In my opinion, employers have the right to conduct background checks when doing selections of job applicants. In the world today, it is not possible to tell those people who do not pose threats to an organization without carrying out some tests. Therefore, by carrying out background tests, the employer is able to know if and how the applicant has previously interacted with the law and thus get the character and reputation of the person they employ (Heneman & Judge, 2008). Furthermore, background checks are legal procedures. As long as the employer complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, for instance by giving the applicant a written notice for performing the check and getting a written authorization from the applicant, then they have a right to conduct the checks.

Question 2

Cognitive tests are used to test the cognitive abilities of persons. A department needs to know how well its employees can reason logically, learn in a fast way as well as solve problems. Therefore, carrying out cognitive tests is a fair way of assessing the capabilities of people. Further, this assures the department of its improvement and success since the best people are recruited. Cognitive testing can also be used for any job type. Though cognitive tests can impact on some people, they are still a substantial way of predicting how well one can perform in their job. Thus, I would recommend cognitive testing as a preliminary in the recruiting of employees in my department. These together with interviews will ensure selection of the best employees.

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Violence in the work place can be linked to the individuals background. An organization can recruit people who hold a criminal record without their knowledge if they do not conduct background checks. This then poses great risks to the entire organization since people who have a background of crime are most likely to commit the crime in future.


There are federal laws and regulations that govern the process of external selection. It is true that when carrying out background checks, an organization should comply with the FCRA requirements. This shows that the tests are legal and thus an organization has the right to conduct them. In addition, the organization should ensure that they do not discriminate applicants on the basis of their color or race.

Response to CHARLENE CRAIG post

It is true that cognitive ability tests have impacts on employees and thus when carried out in combination with interviews, the process of selection would be made better. This is because the applicant will feel at ease and not have the feeling of being victimized. They will thus consider the cognitive tests as a common way of employee selection. This further gives the employee a fast way to also test their reasoning ability.

Response to KATREESE PORCHER post

Cognitive testing has more advantages than the disadvantages it presents. This method is advantageous not only to the recruiting organization but also to the job applicant. For instance, being pen and paper tests, they give the applicant the chance to take time and carry out a logical reasoning. They also save the organization’s time since it is possible to administer them in groups of many people.


Heneman, H.G. & Judge, T.A. (2008). Staffing Organizations. 6th Ed. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill publishers.

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