Spirituality and Religion


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To know how spirituality integrates with psychology, we have to know its application in different situations of individuals. Therefore, assessments of spirituality in psychology are made on the basis of information and values.

One of the issues that involve spirituality is ethics. Psychology treatment is done on the basis of Christian beliefs and values. Therefore, the principles of psychology gain use together with aspects of beliefs and values of spirituality. These two are usually used together in psychological treatment. Counseling is one of the psychological treatments. During counseling, the people are often told how spirituality, its beliefs and values can be of help to them during situations of difficulty. Therefore, this shows that there can be a balance between spirituality and psychology.

Knowledge is another issue that involves spirituality. Spirituality teaches about the knowledge and understanding of things that are beyond our control. It is this knowledge that enables us to choose between the right and wrong which is a teaching in spirituality and religion. In psychology as well, people are taught of this same knowledge of right and wrong behavior. For instance, psychologists will tell the reasons as to why people behave in certain ways. It is also the same thing with spirituality which tells about the behavior of people based on the knowledge that they have on spiritual teachings.

Spirituality and psychology are related by wisdom. In spirituality, there is the theological wisdom whose teachings are on accepting divine love that enables people to have an acceptance of who they are. There is also the psychological wisdom which concerns itself with self-esteem and individual control. These two wisdoms are used together so as to help people make decisions. For instance, one cannot have self esteem unless they have accepted themselves.


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