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Problem Statement

Culture represents the values that members of a specific group hold, their beliefs and norms. A society, on the other hand, describes a system of relationships that connects individuals with the same culture. The concept of culture and society intertwine and culture cannot exist without a society and a society cannot exist without culture. In societies today, it is almost impossible to find a society that comprises of a single culture. Factors such as globalization and urbanization have enhanced the movement of people from their localities. A region can thus comprise of individuals with different culture brought together by factors such as employment and marriage. The social practice of socialization is critical for members of a society that desire to leave in peace and harmony. Socialization is a learning process that entails the accomplishment of self-awareness


In a society, socialization occurs in the context of family, school, peers and the media. The family shapes the attitudes and behavior of children. The family is thus the basic unit a society and serves the critical role of providing children with the first form of intimate social relationships (Saldana, 2013). A child uses the family as a platform to learn about social relations, social status and identities in relation to race, gender, and religion. The school and workplace provide individuals with objective social relationships. The school is an example of a social institution that instills information, skills and values that the society deems important. Social institutions empower individuals with the competencies needed to interact at the societal level. Advancing technologies have also expanded mass media that communicates to the vast audience. The media can have positive or negative influences on an individual depending on the content spread on the platform (Grusec, & Hastings, 2008).

Culture, on the other hand, represents a people’s beliefs, values, and behavior. Culture thus provides the public with a platform where their lives become meaningful. Culture diversity exists because of geographical location, religious beliefs, and lifestyles. Individuals use language for cultural transmissions thus enhancing socialization. Socializations form a platform for learning about culture. It is critical for a society to embrace the facets of socialization to enhance the learning of culture. Socialization enhances the normal functioning of human beings. Individuals who attempt to lead an isolated life always discover that they differ from the rest of the community. Socialization enables an individual’s to learn mannerisms and appropriate behavior thus fit in the society (Jourdan, & Tuite, 2006). Lack of isolation can deprive children qualities that will become noticeable through social, cognitive and emotional deficits.

Theory; Symbolic Interactionism

George Mead introduces the ideology of symbolic interactionism. The theory argues that symbols and everyday details have meaning and influence the interaction of members of a group, community or society. The theory further argues that the public attaches meaning to symbols thus influencing action. When discussing culture and the aspect of socialization, proponents of social interactionism argue that the culture of beliefs and norm is achievable through language. Culture unifies individuals as they acquire the same understanding of issues and phenomenon. Verbal conversations, for instance, carry specific meaning that individuals of a specific society can understand through communication and information sharing. The theory explains why it is easy to find a culture with unique meaning and interpretation of occurrences and situations (Andersen, & Taylor, 2007). Words, for instance, have certain meanings to certain members of a population. The theory of symbolic interactionism argues that conversation is an interaction of symbols between individuals who interpret the world around them. In a society, individuals communicate using a common language that enhances similar interpretation of the world. A society’s interpretation of appropriate and inappropriate behavior depends on their understanding of culture. Different cultures carry different rules and perception of different behavior. The existence of norms and beliefs is because the community, through symbolic interactionism acquired similar interpretation and meaning of behavior and mannerism. A specific behavior may seem inappropriate to one community but tolerable in another culture. The difference in meaning lies in the attachment of different meanings to different objects. Similarly, the expectation of individuals across different societies differs due to elements of culture and socialization.


Socialization is an integral part of society. Socialization occurs within specific contexts, and this allows a group of people to acquire meaning of symbols and words. Culture spreads through socialization where generations learn using language. Socialization teaches members of a society about impulse control. The public acquires an understanding of right and wrong thus moderating behavior. People growing up within a particular society acquire knowledge on the expectation of those around them. The individuals thus use the expectation as their determinant of appropriate conduct. When an individual engages in socially acceptable behavior, he integrates into the community with ease. In contrast, when an individual’s lives in isolation, he becomes a social misfit as his behavior and interpretation of the world differs from other members of the society.


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