Shadow of Hate


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Most instructors use videos to supplement the content taught in class. The video helps students understand the content being taught. For instance, the shadow of hate helps students understand the impact of hate and what happened in American history as a result of hate.


The video, the shadow of hate is a movie written by Charles Guggenheim.The video explains the issues faced by Americans for the last 300 years. That is from the persecution of the Quakers during the colonial period in England to ethnic tensions. The ethnic tensions affected towns and cities adversely as they divided them as it is evidenced today. The producers wanted to teach the audience on the importance of tolerance. The user uses various examples to convey the message. For instance, he uses pictures to show the effects of ethnic tensions. He also, shows how the Quakers were persecuted so as to convey the message to the audience.

The author uses historical photos to explain the message. In addition, he uses eye witnesses to help explains the events and make them   real. For example, he uses eyewitnesses to help people understand the wounded knee massacre and how business men were attacked. For instance, it shows how Leo frank was lynched and the effects of the war between Japanese and Americans during the Second World War. The shadow o hate shows the dark side of the countrys history by narrating stories of people who survived prosecution. The documentation is convincing as it shows the problems experienced by the Americans in colonial New England and also the impact of ethnic conflicts. Hate has had negative impact ob the Americans.

For instance, hate has led to increase in conflicts in the country. For example, hate led to conflict between the Japanese and Americans and resulted to Second World War. The Second World War had negative impact on the Americans as it caused destruction to economy and loose of life. It also caused suffering. The video shows that hate causes suffering among the citizens and tension. Hate has also affected diversity in the country as most people find it hard to manage diversity. Currently hate is not common compared to 300 years. This is because people learned how tolerate one another and accept other cultures together with their beliefs and values. Hate is considered evil. This is because it has negative effects on the Americans and other citizens. It causes destruction and loss of lives. People tend to carry out revenge as a result of hatred. There are various things that impressed me about the video. For instance, how the author conveys the evil.

The video does not say anything directly about evil, but it uses examples to show the effect of evil. The video helps one understand how various issues in American history occurred and how they affected the citizens. For example, he shows the Second World War and its effects. The video reveals that evil has negative effects and it can destroy ones world. There are various challenges in the video. For instance, one finds it hard to understand the content being conveyed well. The narrator is the best character as states clearly what happened in the country. The author did not leave any question unanswered as he has stated the problem, the cause and its effects (Guggenheim, 2011).


The video is a true reflection of what happened in America 300 years ago. It shows the negative effects caused by hatred. What happened during that time was as a result of hatred among various races and people.


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On 21/02/2011.

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