Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Jane is experiencing sexual harassment especially if the co-worker is posting negative sexual comments (Giraffe, 2011). Jane can file for sexual harassment if the jilted co-worker makes offensive comments and publicizes them on Facebook. The co-worker makes the nasty comments with the intention of tarnishing Jane’s image. It would have been decent for the colleague to allow Jane to proceed to another relationship without the feelings of vengeance and jealousy

Linda’s case may seem not to amount to sexual harassment as she willingly offers sexual favors in exchange for good grades. Additionally, the lecturer does not coerce Linda to have sex with him. In fact, it is Linda who proposes the deal, and the professor agrees to it. However, the professor is guilty of sexual harassment as he awards Linda a high grade after their sexual relations. The professor would have turned down the sex-for-grades offer and graded Linda based on her actual performance.

Stan is facing a potential case of sexual harassment. It is evident that the supervisor views Stan beyond a subordinate staff hence the request for some quiet time over dinner. Mary uses the performance evaluation excuse to trap Stan into going to the dinner. It is likely that Stan would get low-performance evaluation if he fails to turn up for the dinner.

Susan is facing sexual harassment as her bosses focus on her dressing rather than her accomplishment as an employee. Bob makes verbal comments on a regular basis, and it is likely that the comments make Susan very uncomfortable.

Groping of the waitress amount to sexual harassment expressed towards her (Giraffe, 2011). The manager’s refusal to address the matter creates a hostile work environment for the waitress who has to endure an uncomfortable workplace.

Posting picture of scantily dressed women on the office wall amounts to sexual harassment towards other employees (Giraffe, 2011). The postings create a hostile work environment as the other employees may find the images offensive. Additionally, the images can be intimidating as they create the impression of women as sex objects.


Giraffe, V. (2011). Contemporary social problems and the workplace. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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