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ScrubaDub specializes in providing auto wash services to a wide range of clientele. The reason many individuals choose ScrubaDubs services is as a result of the superior services offered as well as the quality of their services and customer focus. For instance, the company focuses on maximum customer satisfaction as well as continuous improvement or Kaizen.

ScrubaDubs marketing philosophy is based on offering superior service. This is essentially the reason why it manages to maintain a larger market share than its competition while still charging a higher price for its auto wash services. By offering superior service, ScrubaDub does not depend on cost leadership to gain market dominance. To illustrate ScrubaDubs insistence on quality service, it is important to note that ScrubaDub goes ahead to back up their services with guarantees whilst in the process ensuring that clients are satisfied with the service provided. According to Griffin (2006), a company that thinks from the customer point of view is able to win a large chunk of the market without necessarily bringing down its process. This is in sharp contrast to a company that concentrates on price leadership where a slight upward shift of the price ultimately affects the number of subscribers.

In my opinion, the marketing philosophy adopted by ScrubaDub is largely the best choice. This is essentially because the company is able to concentrate on continuous improvement hence offering its customers the most value for their money. Also, by ScrubaDub focusing on maximum customer satisfaction, it is not affected by price shifts at the marketplace. This is in sharp contrast to the other players in the auto-wash marketplace who have to revise their prices every now and then as a result of competitor behavior. Hence in that regard, ScrubaDub is able to maintain a healthy bottom line in addition to getting more customers by way of repeat business or ever referrals from customers who have had a satisfying experience wit the company.

When it comes to the marketing research adopted by ScrubaDub, it mainly engages the services of firms where individuals are sent through the carwash where they collect information in regard to the experience of these who access the services offered by ScrubaDub. In my own opinion, this is the best research as it takes views directly fronm the customer. This helps identify service gaps as well as aspects of the service the customers identify with. It is important to note that the marketing research adopted by ScrubaDub is critical as far as the release of new products is concerned as well as maintenance of the existing services is concerned. When it comes to the existing services, ScrubaDub can use the information gathered to identify deviations from what is expected and institute corrective action in a timely manner. On the other hand, when it comes to the release of new products, the approach adopted by ScrubaDub is critical as far as testing the market mood, needs and demands is concerned. To improve its research, ScrubaDub could make the collection of customer views part and parcel of their processes and secondly, they could make it easy for customers to give their feedback.

When it comes to the promotional activities of ScrubaDub, there exists no immediate need to extend the same this is because as at the moment, the market is fully responsive to what ScrubaDub has to offer.


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