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Over the last several years the internet has advanced gradually resulting to an increase in the amount of data sent across a network as compared to times when only a small amount of data could be sent at a particular time. This has been facilitated by the development of internet and internet devices with faster speeds and greater bandwidth. Today, many activities can be done by people over the internet including downloading of huge files, video streaming, and social networking like facebook. One such internet device is the router which has gained applications in networking multiple computers to connect to the internet at home or in the office.

High-speed routers

A router in networking is a device that receives data and analyzes it before routing it to the intended recipient (, 2010). A router plays an important role in establishing individual network connection for each computer and increases connection speeds by avoiding network collisions.

A high-speed router can handle bandwidth as subscribed to, either 1MBps or 12MBps, as compared to older routers that work at slow speeds. To connect a router to the modern, one uses the Ethernet port and a configuration order of modem, router then computer. The modem connects to the internet provider, the modem is again connected to the high speed router and the computer connects to the router (Lucas, 2009).

High speed routers can be wired or wireless. Wired high-speed routers are used for desktops that remain fixed and an Ethernet cord used to connect each computer to the router. This router connection has less interference and faster speed on computer. Wireless high-speed routers suits people owning laptops since they can go online anywhere at home or in the office using the laptop (Ballew, 1997). One drawback is that obstacles like microwaves and thick walls affect connectivity. However, combo high speed router can connect ones computers by wired or wireless means.

Currently, several companies sell high-speed routers. The best three high speed routers are Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless G Broadband Router from Linksys Company. It provides functionalities of three devices. First, it acts as a wireless access point which would enable wireless connectivity to ones computers that are 802.11 b (54MBps) and 802.11 g (11 MBps) compliant. Second, there is a 4 port Ethernet connector to connect non-wireless devices to the internet. Finally, ones devices can share the internet from DSL modem or cable modem source (, 2010). Its two removable antennas ensure quick and strong internet connections. Its security feature activates WPA2 protection to protect ones data with 128 bit encryption.

D-Link DIR-655 Extreme N Wireless Router from D-Link Company is among the fastest that uses 802.11 n standards. It is 14 times faster with a range of 6 times farther than 802.11 g. Ideal for use in homes and offices with large floor area. Belkin wireless N+ 802.11n Router from Belkin Company is a great performing router with a USB port where one could attach any USB storage device to make it accessed over the network. Moreover, it supports 802.11n protocol for faster speeds and greater range.Most powerful reflects the best of all of the others from the same class.


When buying high-speed router the speed ratings, brand matching with wireless adapters, size and style and warranties must be considered.


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