Right to Justice and Fairness


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Right to Justice and Fairness

According to Kant, a person has rights when he or she is entitled to act in certain manner or is entitled to have others act in a certain manner towards him or her (Rights, 2010). There are various rights that are fundamental to human beings in any given society. One of these fundamental human rights is the right to Justice and fairness. Justice and fairness are concerned with how different members of a society are treated when benefits and burdens are distributed. It is the fundamental right of any member of a given society to receive same treatment as others when benefits and burden are distributed

The right to Justice and fairness is yet to be fully achieved in our society today. Justice and fairness are usually grouped into three categories: distributed justice, redistributed justice and compensatory justice (Rights, 2010). Distributed justice right refers to the right of every member of the society to receive similar benefits and burden. This right is usually violated when others are accorded special treatment especially in terms of services rendered. Retribution of justice refers to the just application of punishment and penalties upon those who do wrong in the society.

In our prison systems we have heard of cases of individual being accorded different kind of treatment from other prisoners sentenced of the same offence due to their celebrity status. According to Kant, justice and fairness is achieved when imposition of punishment is universal. Compensatory justice refers to the ways of compensating people of their losses when they are wronged. Compensation laws also do not apply similar to all individuals in our societies. Some individuals find it easier to receive compensation for their suffering while others have to fight hard in order to get it.


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