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A research study is intended for a sample size of 200 students and the most appropriate method of sampling to be used is simple random sampling. In order to obtain a simple random sample, a researcher has to choose sample units in such a way that every single unit within the population has an equal chance or opportunity of being chosen. This method of sampling would be superior to the other methods since it is the mostly recommendable for statistical data. Moreover, the method is free of bias in that each unit within the population has an equal chance of beings chosen or selected (Ott and Longnecker, 2010).

Simple random sampling method is mostly used for a group size of more than twenty individuals since it ensures that there is a same variable distribution. Since the sample size for this hypothetical research study comprises of more than 20 individuals, simple random sampling is the most appropriate method. When using extraneous variables such as weight and age, random sampling ensures that the mean of the distributions or variables is similar for all groups used in the random sampling research study (Ott, 2010).

Validity of the results or research study may be affected in cases where sampling is carried out by untrained individuals. This would lead to misinterpretation of results due to inappropriate selection procedures. Generally, random sampling method increases the external validity when used in a large population sample such as 150-200 students. A good external validity results to generalization of results while reduced external validity does not result to generalization.


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