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The advances in technology have had both negative effects and positive effects on the society. For instance, the technology has helped develop various types of machines   which have benefited the society. For example, it has helped in the development of various types of car that do not depend on gasoline. The cars can be powered using various products developed using the current technology like ethanol and solar. This has   helped improve the environment by reducing pollution. There are various subtopics that will be analyzed in the essay like;

1. Overview of technology and society

2. The impact of technology to the society (both positive and negative)

3. How technology has helped in development of cars that do not depend on gasoline

4. The benefits of inventing such cars to the society

Thesis statement

The essay will determine how technology has helped invent cars that depend on other sources of fuel like ethanol and solar instead of gasoline and the benefits to the society.


Goyer,J. Technology and society. A canadian perspective.University of Toronto Press, 2004

The author analyzes how technology affects the society and how it can be prevented. It will help comprehend the advantages of technological advances like development of alternative vehicles and their impact on the society. Hjorth,L.S.,Eichler,B.A.,&Khan,A.S.Technology and society: issues for the 21st century and beyond.Prentice Hall,2007

The author analyzes the various issues resulting from technology and technology. Technology has led to various inventions that have affected the society negatively. The author argues that the society should be educated on how to use technology well to invent inventions that are not harmful to the society. It will help in understanding how the society ha used technology positively.

Haugen,D.M.Technology and Society.Greenhaven Press, 2007The author analyzes the various impacts of technological advances. The book will help in understanding how the technology has affected be society. It will also help one understand the various inventions associated with technology.Hjorth,L.S.,.Technology and Society: Crossroads to the 21st Century.McGraw-Hill, 2000 The author examines various advances in technology and their impact. Hence, the book will help in understand ding the research topic.


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