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There are several key points covered in Sunal and Haas (2008) readings. One of the basic points is the importance of having historical knowledge. It is vital for each and every person to have knowledge about their pasts and their locations or places in world history. Instructors can use an activity of asking students to bring photographs of them when they were young.

The key goal of this classroom activity is to allow students to learn and appreciate their pasts. The key objective of the history discipline is to enable students to gain insight and knowledge of mankind or human past. It is advisable for instructors to consult local community members and incorporate them in classrooms so that they can help students to learn more about the past events (Sunal and Haas, 2008).

The other key aspect covered in the reading is the importance of geography as a discipline. There is so much to learn from geography besides locating places and assigning them appropriate names. Geography is the central part of the entire subjects learnt in classrooms. The various aspects that this subject covers include climate, politics and even culture. Comprehending the way through which the weather works is important in the field of industry which accounts for the fulfilling of human needs.

There are several tools and techniques that can be used by geographers in the course of studying geography. For example geographers interested in studying weather and climate can use weather instruments such as rain gauges, barometers, thermometers, windsocks and many other tools. Geography is based on different approaches and it is common to find the use of literature review, interviews and observation methods in the course of data and information collection (Sunal, 2008).

A student-centered instructional approach is recommendable when teaching geography or history. In this type of approach, students are allowed to engage in classroom activities and take part in major discussions. Using the globe with students is a good activity that can enable students to effectively learn and gain knowledge of the world and several other geographical places and locations. Using illustrations and practical examples during instruction is more beneficial compared to the use of purely theoretical concepts.

The other point that has been highlighted is the study and importance of economics. The study of economics revolves around the answers that people used to obtain regarding the inability to obtain all the material wants and needs. Students should have knowledge and comprehension regarding the importance of economics in the society, in there families, lives and even globally. The other key aspects that students should know is the importance of making fair and sound decisions as well as making optimal use of the available scarce resources(Sunal, 2008).

Based on my experience in education, I believe the concepts covered in these readings are applicable in instruction and classroom. First of all, there is the need to encourage students to appreciate their origins and past. This is especially useful during history and geography instruction. The other useful approach that can be applied during instruction is a student centered form of teaching whereby students are allowed to take part in the classroom activities. Decision-making skills are also important to students in all aspects of their lives. At various points in life, students may be required to make critical decisions.



Sunal, C. S., & Haas, M. E. (2008). Social studies for the elementary and middle grades. A constructivist approaches (3rd Ed). Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon


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