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Research papers are academic literary documentations of actual researches that have been conducted. They present the results of any research activity as well as the findings, interpretations and conclusions about the research. The documentation of research is as important as the research process itself. If the research process is conducted in an ineffective manner then it is less likely to produce true results. On the other hand, wrong documentation which involves improper recording, calculation, analysis and interpretation may result to a presentation of results that are not true representatives of the actual research results and thus create a sense of falsehood to the readership.

High quality research papers arise out of research processes such as surveys that are conducted in an appropriate manner and also documented in a proper manner. Failure of attaining proficiency in one of these may actually lead to the writing of a poor quality research paper.The writing of high quality research papers requires one to look into certain specific features. Firstly, the topic to the paper should be well introduced and not only introduced, but also its topical relevance should be well explained. The topic choice should be able to reflect the content of what is really under highlight.  

The literature review section of a quality research paper should highlight the historical development of ideas that led to the current research through time. Similarly, a high quality research paper should show the gaps within the previous researches, which the current research intends to fill or connect. The methodology section should avoid excess discussion of the current techniques that may be existent for use.Key recommendations in the writing of a high quality research paper include clearly defining ones research query in a manner that lives no doubt as to what one may actually be up to in carrying out the research.

The research questions in any high quality research paper should be reflected within the objectives and goals of the research. There should be thoughtful transition between each section and ideas within a high quality research paper should flow well. The practical significance should also be clearly outlined and this should be supported by the research questions because what they seek to answer is many at times the actual significance through their results. There is a need to be concise when writing a high quality research paper and as such there is a need to knock out all unnecessary words that do not add value to the content.

High quality research papers should also show some candor when stating the limitation of the research. Quality research papers should also have all tables and figures clearly labeled. Similarly, summary statistics for all variables should be provided. Every statistic and information that is not derived within the research should be cited appropriately. Quality research papers should avoid first language person.

All acronyms within a quality research paper should be spelled out in full at their initial use, and later on they could just be used as acronyms. It is also advisable to paraphrase rather than to quote. The later should be used in cases where the author deems that putting the information in his or her own words may alter the message it carries in terms of meaning. The observation of these tips may help in the writing of a high quality research paper.

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