Profiting From Clean Energy


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Non renewable fuels have become a major issue in the country. This is because the non renewable fuels have adverse effects. For instance, some of the fuels used in the transport sector have high amounts of green house gases like carbon dioxide and methane. The green house gases cause green house defect and thus global warming. The country has relied on fossil fuels for the last few years. For instance, the country has relied on gasoline, diesel   and other petroleum products. The petroleum products contain harmful gases like carbon dioxide and methane. United States is considered the largest consumer of fossil fuel in the world. The country relies on fossil fuels imported from other countries.

Dependence on fossil fuels has negative impact on the countrys economy and the health of the citizens. The country consumes almost 3,310,000 m3 of petroleum on daily basis. A large percentage of this is gasoline. The transport sector consumers the highest percentage of petroleum. It consumes almost 68.9%.The high consumption of petroleum has led to increase in emission of green house gases. The country also consumes large amounts of natural gas. In 2008, the consumption of natural gas in the country was almost 23.2 Tcf. The country was only able to produce 20.6Tcf and the rest was imported from Canada. As a result of the effects of fossil fuels, the government has developed other sources of energy like ethanol, solar etc.


The government has established alternative sources of energy so as to overcome oil shortage in the country and the negative effects caused by fossil fuels. For instance, the country has started producing ethanol in 2007 to overcome oil shortage and make the country self reliant. The country managed to reduce the consumption of fuel in the country by 20%.United states produces 26 billion liters of ethanol each year. The country   has planned to increase the production of ethanol and it is estimated to produce 115 billion liters by 2017.Another solution to fossil fuels is wind energy and solar energy. United States has developed wind energy. Wind energy accounts for approximately 2% of the electrical energy produced in the country.

Texas produces the highest amount of energy   in the country. It produces almost 9,410megawatts.There are other wind plants in the country like Iowa state which produces 3,053 megawatts. In addition, the government uses solar energy to supplement fossil fuels. The Nevada solar plant produces 64 megawatts. Another solution to the Biofuels is electricity. The government has planned to use electricity for transportation purposes and other uses (Westcott, 2010).

Though there are various solutions that can lead to production of clean energy, it is not easy to implement them. The production of clean source of energy in the country is affected by various factors. First, the high cost of starting energy projects like solar project, geothermal projects and ethanol projects is high. The production of electricity using geothermal plant is expensive. The construction of an electrical plant and drilling of the well is almost 2million to 5 million per megawatts produced. The cost of geothermal projects that are advanced is high. In addition, producing ethanol is expensive. The production of ethanol requires adequate plants used to produce ethanol. For instance, a country should have enough corn oil so as to be able to produce enough ethanol. The country needs to invest heavily in agriculture especially in production of corn and sugar. This will ensure the country is able to be come independent in terms of energy (Solway, 2009).

Another factor that affects the development of energy sources in the country are legal regulations and labor. Some of the legal regulations in the country might not allow smooth implementation of energy projects in the country. This could in turn affect the use of renewable energy sources in the country. Lack of enough labor and expertise to implement the projects might also affect the projects. The country might not have the right workforce to establish various energy projects in the country and hence poor outcome. In addition, lack of enough capital might also influence the development of renewable energy sources in the country and hence slow the production of renewable sources. Most of the banks are not able to offer credits or finances to finance energy projects and this affects the initiation of such projects. Additionally, the government might not able to offer enough funds for implementing the projects. Most of the governments like United States government have budget constraints. In this case, the government might not be able to start energy projects in the country due to lack of enough finances (Asplund, 2008).


Most of the people in the country have different views about the use of Biofuels like ethanol. Some of the people support the production of ethanol in the country because of the benefits associated with ethanol. Others do not support the production of ethanol because of the adverse effects caused by ethanol production. Ethanol production leads to food shortage in the country. The difference in views can affect the development of projects in the country and hence shortage of non renewable sources of energy.

In order to prevent the factors above from affecting initiation of energy projects in the country and production of renewable energy, the government should change the legislations. The government should ensure proper policies are formulated which will help in development of the projects. It should also ensure there are enough workers who have the right skills and expertise in production of renewable energy (Asplund, 2008).

The government can adopt long term solutions like improving consumption of oil in the transport sector. The transport sector consumes a large portion of oil in the country. The government should put measures that are aimed at reducing the consumption of oil. For instance, the government can encourage development of hybrid vehicles which use less fuel. This will help reduce the consumption by almost 50%.It should also encourage credits and loans to investors wishing to invest in renewable energy sources.

There are various benefits that result from the use of renewable energy sources. First, it helps in reduction of import cists of fossil fuels. This is because the country will import small amounts of fossil fuel and hence lead to economic growth. It also makes a country self reliant in terms of energy and enhances energy securities in the country. Additionally, utilization of renewable energy sources lead to reduction in environmental pollution in the country. This is because the renewable fuels have low amounts of green house gases (Asplund, 2008).


In conclusion, the solutions above will help eliminate fossil fuels in the country and lead to use of renewable energy sources. This will in turn ensure economic security in the country and reduction in pollution. This is because the government will not have any interdependencies caused by import of fossil fuel.


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