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The systematic determination of worth, merit and significance of a product by making use of criteria against a set of standards is known as product evaluation. Nokia 6700c is the product to be evaluated in this assignment. The evaluation will cover the price, design and the features associated with the product.


Nokia is a company that has always been exemplary in manufacturing a wide range of products that are superior quality. The price of this phone is affordable compared to the pretty stylish features, S40 Interface and the presence of a good handle. The phone has an all metal bar design that is ultra-slim. This design is relatively the same as that of Nokia 6500 brand. The key difference is that Nokia 6700c has polished mirror design that is streamlined, making the shape stylish. Hence, the greatest feature of this product is the polished mirror design whereby the all-metal back has a mirror effect. However, it is important to note that the plane is not entirely mirror-like due to the presence of some degree of curvature.

The keyboard also utilizes the metal mirror design just like the metal mirror back. The keys are more advanced compared to those of other Nokia brands since they are much larger and comfortable to use. The other distinct feature is the 5megapixel camera that gives quality pictures and videos. The design is compact and there is a charger, USB and microphone port at the bottom of the cell phone. This is in addition to short cut keys such as capture keys and voice keys at the side of Nokia 6700c. One disadvantage is that there are a few side keys that are extremely small and uncomfortable to press.

The standby capacity of Nokia 6700c is moderately strong since the standby time is 300 hours. According to GSM network, this standby time is moderate. The latest S40 user interface present in the product is easy and convenient to use. There is also a standby interface that can display the standby wallpaper or incorporate a wide variety of shortcuts. The Nokia 6700c SMS features operate at a very fast speed similar to other phones with the S40 Interface. The other feature that is becoming increasingly popular in most S40 interface phones including Nokia 6700c is the GPS mobile phone navigation. This feature is network-supported to achieve navigation functions like car route planning, finding interest points and many other functions. Since navigation depends on the auxiliary network, there is consumption of high amount of charge.

Nokia 6700c has a 5 megapixel camera which is an improvement from other Nokia brands such as the Nokia 6300 that has a 2 megapixel camera. Additionally, the camera has AF and flash functions. The cameral functions of Nokia 6700c are the same as those of other phones with the S40 interface. The camera can support a variety of scene modes, flash, horizontal viewing and many other functions. The camera has a high store photo speed in addition to a relatively fast camera speed.

The other features of the Nokia 6700c that have to be evaluated are the music features. Virtually all mobile phones with S40 interface have relatively good music features. Nokia 6700c is not an exception and hence, it has good music features. The music player has features that are similar to those present in mobile phones with S6O interface. There is also a complete set of features including random play, equalizer settings and other music player functions. There is FM radio support feature that is a characteristic of majority of the Nokia mobile phones. There are several in-built games supported by Nokia 6700c. There is JAVA extension that gives users an opportunity to download more applications and games and JAVA software that is compatible to S40 phones. There are other additional tools present in the Nokia 6700c for instance dictionary, memo, stopwatch, calculator, converter and calendar.

This product is an upgrading and modification of another Nokia cell phone brand called Nokia 6300. The main difference is the presence of new and interesting features in the newer brand. The features are convenient and much practical. An example of one of the key feature is that it has backup options that allow contacts, current settings, text messages and other features to be retrieved easily. Hence, retrieving information is possible without the help of data cable and a personal computer.

The key strengths of this product are that it has a price that is more customer-friendly compared to other classy mobile phones. Moreover, there is a relatively strong low-end market since the product is the latest Nokia brand with highly sophisticated features. The ultra-slim design makes it to be portable and hence increases its convenience. The camera features makes the product to be a great entertainment feature since it produces quality videos and cameras.


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