Priorities in Life


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Priorities in Life

On Saturday afternoon Mrs. Ann Weiss remembered that she had to order a cake for her son Scott who was turning eight next Monday. This is contrary to the husband Mr. Howard who is not even aware of the birthday of his son. He has no idea the baker is calling to remind them of an order of a cake that was made on Saturday. Mr. Howard is portrayed as a man who does not prioritize his family. On the other hand the wife did not inform the husband the birthday of their son. This clearly shows that the wife prioritized the son over the husband.

Mrs. Ann went to a bakery and checked through the cakes catalogue where she chose a suitable cake for his son inscribed his name in green. She was exited and when making the choice she tried to create rapport with the baker who was an old man. The baker talked only when it was necessary and that made Mrs. Ann wonder whether the man had an idea of her joy. She though the man ought to understand what she felt since he must have passed through the same experience of birthday cakes and parties. This shows that to the baker birthday cakes and parties came after his work in the order of priority.

Another aspect of priority comes in when Mrs. Ann remains in the hospital without a shower and change of clothes unlike her husband who left the hospital at eleven that night to go home take a bathe and change. Mrs. Ann prefers to stay with the son to going home to bathe and change. Mr. Howard on the other hand prefers going home to bathe and change. When Mr. Howard is listing the list of things that are he has satisfaction, fatherhood is listed last to show the order in which he prioritizes his life.


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