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There are some problems that seem to recur periodically within an organization due to lack of the perfect solutions. In order to manage such recurring problems, it is recommendable to recognize the different polarities associated with the problem. Is Margo too Macro is a case study about a director called Margo Santelli, who is in charge of four managers.

The key issue is that there have been sentiments about Margo not giving adequate supervision to her managers. The best solution to this issue is managing polarities by identifying the different options available, the merits and demerits associated with each solution (Johnson, 2005).

The leadership manner practiced by Margo has both advantages and disadvantages. Although this kind of leadership gives managers the freedom to work and make their own decisions under minimum supervision, most of the times managers may feel under-motivated.

Margo needs to understand her responsibility and role as a leader which is being an inspiration to her followers. Constant communication with her managers is also necessary since through this, she would be able to win the trust from her inferiors and work towards attaining a common goal (Sperry, 2002).

Laura Gordon is the president and director of the entire branch, who is investigating the Margo case. As the president, Laura should hold constant meetings and training with both senior and junior managers. Through the training sessions, directors including Margo Santelli could achieve and learn more about the most effective leadership skills and practices.

Team work is among the key aspects of effective leadership and hence, a leader should know that he or she can not meet the desired goals and objectives by working alone (Johnson, 2005. Therefore, Laura Gordon and other directors and managers need to work together as a team to ensure the firms success.



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