Personal Protective Equipment


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Unique equipment or clothing that employees put on for safety purposes and protections against hazards are known as personal protective equipment. There are several parts of the body that can be protected by protective equipment. Some of the parts include the head, eyes, hands, feet, face and the ears. Protective clothing, modern body armor and other related equipment are necessary for protection agents since they protect them from fatal physical and chemical agents that may be at their disposal.

The nature of work done by protection agents is risky and hence, necessitates wearing of protective clothing and equipment such as ballistic or body armor. These protective equipment and clothing are vital since the wearer is protected from injury by heat, electrical hazards, blunt implants, electrical hazards and infection (Levy, 2006).

By wearing these protective clothing and equipment, protection agents are able to do their job effectively without fearing the risk of exposing themselves to hazards. Just in case of exposure to any of the given hazards, agents already have protective mechanisms to deal with the situation. There are however situations where some of the protective clothing and equipment are too heavy and hence, might be tiresome for protective agents.

An example is the body armor, which is made of heavy material. Consequently, this may cause inconveniences regarding the work of protective agents (Levy, 2006). Despite this fact, it is recommendable to wear the required protective equipment for the safety purposes since personal safety should be a priority.



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