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Personal Letter


I am a US citizen living in the US for the past five years. Before coming to the US I lived with my parents in Yemen together with my disabled brother and a sister. I won a Green Card and have now acquired full citizenship of the U.S


My mother, disabled brother and sister have for that time been living in Yemen peacefully until lately, when there have been so many killings. I fear for their lives and that’s the reason for this immigration letter. They already have files at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).


My father a non-citizen died in the war zone serving in the U.S. military. My mother, brother and sister are the surviving family members of my father a non-citizen of the U.S. currently; there is no provision for derivative benefits for surviving relatives a restriction on providing derivative immigration benefits (Gania, 2006). Yemen is very dangerous currently and this is making it hard for my elderly mother to remain at peace with her two children, especially for my disabled brother who she can’t leave behind since he is helpless (Sharp, 2010).


The reason for him being disabled was the fact that after the death of my father the bread winner, my brother was took the responsibility of providing and protecting for the family. In the course of his services he was shot twice on his back and this ended up hurting his backbone. My mother took him to several hospitals for medical checkup but to no avail. He was finally declared disabled and can now do nothing on his own. All the finances left behind by our father from his savings were used up first, in searching for him before he was declared dead and missing. Secondly, my brothers hospital bills cost quit a large sum and the little that was left is no longer there since they have fed from it and its over. All they can do now is depend on foreign aids which in most cases don’t get to them due to insecurity.


To make matters worse, my mother and sister like all other women in Yemen are at very high risk of being sexually abused by both the locals and the military who take advantage of the fact that they are helpless and can bow down to any form of threat provided their lives are not at risk of death. The people providing them with food aid are also misusing their power by denying them food in exchange for sex. These reasons have made life hard for my mother, brother and sister who now survive just by grace.


On my side I have hardly acquired a nice job here but I have still continued to offer them financial support for the past several months till things got worse. I am therefore a little financially stable and can support my family with the little I have in case they get the chance to get here. Furthermore, with the way things are at Yemen I believe there is no banking or any money transfer method that is functional in such a way that my mother can withdraw money from them and use it to survive for her and her siblings. On the other hand, I am appealing to your department to offer humanitarian services of evacuating them from the war ton area and uniting them with me their only hope (Bray, 2011, p.g. 302).




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