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Personal essay is a type of essay whereby the writer is free to write in first person.  It is one of the most vibrant, richest and rage forms. It provides students with a chance to exceed the limits of an essay that is standard, to use conventional settings, tone, dialogues and characterizations. Before students begin to write personal essays, they should plunge in their inner world so as to understand well themselves from the inside. Writing of personal essays tries to vent the students interests, thoughts and ideas to the others. It also gives students an opportunity to drive toward self disclosure, candor, and honesty with themselves.  Personal essays are a good way for students to clearly determine their likes and dislikes, to recognize them selves better and to reveal their personality that is unique.

 Students should begin their personal essays with an introduction. The introduction should be interesting in order to capture the attention of readers.  The thesis statement should be included in the introductory section.  This refers to the main idea of what the student want to communicate.After the introduction, the body follows. The personal essays body is made up of several paragraphs that tell the readers about the points the student mentioned in the introduction. Paragraphs should have the same structure as the whole essay. They should start with a sentence that makes an introduction to the point. The paragraphs middle sentences inform the reader about the point. The sentence that is concluding drives home the view of the student and results to the next point.

Students should close their personal essays with a final paragraph that gives a summary of the points that students have made and states their final opinions.  This is where students provide lessons or insights learned. Writers should tie their conclusions to the opening paragraph.  When writing personal essays, students should use a voice that is causal. They should be very firm about their opinions, views and feelings. A lot of learners find it very hard to write personal essays. This is because they lack the necessary creativity required. Most students do not possess good writing skills which would help them to come up with quality personal papers. Students who encounter problems in writing personal research papers can get help from writing companies.

These companies give quality assistance to such students and therefore they perform well. However, there are some personal essay writing companies which are not legitimate. They provide students with poorly written personal writing services. It is therefore advisable for students to do a good research in order to identify the most reliable writing companies.The most appropriate companies to buy personal reports from are those that have writers who are highly qualified. Writers should be professions in writing personal academic papers.  A company should ensure that writers have skills on writing papers that are free from mistakes.

This is because mistakes lower the standard of personal papers. Writers should also have knowledge of using the formatting styles. The formatting styles include MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc. Companies should ensure that personal papers provided to students are free from plagiarism. Companies should have good and efficient soft wares for testing plagiarism. Plagiarism has very adverse effects of the personal essays. Learners who are found with personal papers that are plagiarized are punished by being awarded poor grades.

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