Personal Care Services (PCS) Initiative


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The PCS initiative for the older adults is an initiative that is meant to help older adults in their day to day activities which include bathing, general housekeeping and grooming. Since this initiative is aimed at ensuring the independence and dignity of older adults, (Older Americans Act, 2010), it is of great importance.

The aging initiative is supported by the government in many ways for example by funding through the Older Americans Act. Therefore, it is expected that in the future, it will become even better. This is because of the benefits it brings to the older adults, their families, the community and the nation at large.



The personal care services initiative was founded in 1980 by Anna Grace Green. This was because of the observation that there were a great number of adults who needed assistance in the community. It was because of this need to give older adults excellent assistance that Anna founded the personal care services for the older adults.

At first, the services were only offered by carefully selected professionals. The initiative has seen a lot of progression and the founding mission which was to provide quality and comprehensive care for older adults still holds up to date. Personal care services benefit both the older adults and their families. One of the major ways in which it is beneficiary is creating independence. Regardless of ones age, everyone needs to have independence.

Therefore, these home care services ensure the continuity of an independent living in terms of where and how to live. Through the personal care services, the lifestyles of older adults are not interfered with but they are rather assisted in maintaining it. In addition, the older adults are also helped to maintain their physical fitness. This is because they are assisted in exercising for example by taking walks.

Since older adults need to be given specialized care, if the personal care services were not existent, it is their family members who would be solely responsible for their care. Therefore, the initiative benefits their families since they do not carry what they would otherwise have seen as a burden in taking care of the older adults. In addition, the personal care services are offered by qualified people. Therefore, the families are assured that their people are well taken care of.

Nowadays, life expectancy has increased. Many people have the understanding that the older people need our assistance. Poverty is evident among the aging population. As cited by Martinson (2007), there is a growing pressure of the need to address poverty that exists among the older adults. Therefore, with this understanding and with the people realizing that older adults of a low-income need our help, there is a likelihood of more initiatives being created in the future so as to address the rising needs of the older adults.



Because of the benefits of the personal care services initiative, it is expected to gain even more support. The initiative also has support of the federal government and especially through the Medicaid program (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010).

Other than the federal government, even at the state level, the states have recognized the offering of personal care services. With this, the personal care services for the aging initiative is becoming even more important. Therefore, it is an initiative that is going to stay and continue offering care to the aging population.



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