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I aspire to become an experienced information security manager in future with professional skills in a diverse range of security technologies. I would like to specialize in major security software programs such as McAfee, Symantec, and Avira. My bright future will come true through becoming a proficient security manager in software systems such as database management software as well as network monitoring software. In future, I would like to have a strong problem-solving technique in security such as effective handling of security analysis. My professional career is based on proficient securing of programming languages such as C++, Javascript and Python.

My focus is to gain skills through gaining proficiency in C++, Javascript and Python. My intention is ensuring that I have gained enough security information as well as familiarizing with other programming languages. My future career aims are establishing expertise skills that can lead to better and stronger personnel. I would like to grow and develop regarding communication skills and as well as excellent listening skills for enabling effective and efficient security services to different clients. I am focusing on making information security career as one of the major skill by acquiring techniques and skills of analyzing complex systems to determine their security status. My focus understands all tools that are most appropriate for implementation in areas such as performing vulnerability testing, penetration testing as well as weaknesses on the networked systems (Qingxiong, Allen, & Pearson, 2008). My main focus shall be based on determining how systems should work and how any slight attack on security can affect performance and operations of the entire system. I would like to perfect ability to offer training, mentorship as well as offering technical skills to aspiring security professionals.

I would like to gain extra experience, skills, and knowledge in teaching, training, and researching. I intend to particularly help aspiring students and end users who have little experience in computer security technologies to acquire details basics. The major aspects of creating security awareness associated with information processing, transmitting, and storing of data and information (ACM, 2005). I will focus on ensuring effective and efficient ways in which data and information can be broken down, compiled and compressed with effective and efficient methodologies for confirming and verifying security. My major concern in future studies in security is minimizing security errors by improving system security.

Among the major ways and methodologies that shall be implemented to reduce loopholes include training computer users through imparting professional implementation of computer systems as well as security procedures (Albert, 2013). I will focus on reviewing violations of security policies as well as taking steps in preventing violations from being repeated. Among other strategies that shall be facilitated in updating older programs and implement use and update of security software to protect systems from evolving threats effectively. The major technical skills that am focusing to achieve include installing and maintaining firewalls as well as other forms of security hardware and software. I am looking forward acquiring skills in monitoring reports of virus security breaches as well as cyber attacks to effectively implement protective measures.


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