Performance Evaluation


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Despite what Gloria believed to be her extra efforts in the company, she was rated the same as her other colleagues. This would have an influence on her evaluation. Evaluation is usually aimed to having a measurement that is objective. Therefore, the rating that was used to rate Gloria would not produce an objective measurement. This is because her extra efforts were not recognized. Therefore, we can say that the company used a group way of rating its employees but not on individual basis.

Employee evaluation is aimed at rating each employees performance in regard to the duties that have been assigned to them (Kline & Sulsky, 2009). If in Glorias case, the employees were compared based on their performance, this would have positively changed her evaluation. By using an employee comparison technique, her extra hard work would have been recognized. Since it is said that she is hardworking and efficient, through comparison, her strengths would be identified.

Glorias evaluation is most likely to have been influenced by the halo effect error. In this, the employee is rated on a general attitude but not the specific traits that they possess. For instance, Gloria would have been rated on the basis of just completing her tasks without taking into account her hard work to even work overtime. Her evaluation may also have suffered the association error. This shows that the employees were rated as a group based on the performance of the company.

The 360 degree feedback approach involves the evaluator gaining information on the employees performance from supervisors, clients, peers and colleagues. In the case of Gloria, she was highly rated by her colleagues. It might be that her evaluator did not know how hardworking she was as her colleagues did. If the evaluator had used this approach, they would have got a better rating and evaluation of Gloria from her colleagues.


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