Pearson Correlation


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The correlation between two variables is used to reflect the extent to which the variables are related. The Pearson product moment is used to measure the correlation between the two variables. The Pearson product moment is also called the Pearson correlation. The Pearson product moment correlation is used to measure the near dependence between two variables. That is variable X and variable Y. The values gotten from the study ranges between +1 and -1.The concept is used in science to determine the strength of liner dependence between the variables being used in the study. The Pearson correlation coefficient is indicated by r. The questions include

How the Pearson correlation coefficient is calculated? This question comes from the equation. How is the Pearson correlation coefficient used to determine the relationship between the two variables? This question comes from the method. Can the term Pearson correlation coefficient be defined in simple terms? This question comes from Technical term (Field, 2000).

Correlation Matrix

 The Correlation Matrix is a list of variables in terms of rows and columns. The diagonal of a correlation matrix is made up of 1. This is because it represents a correlation between the variables and itself. A correlation matrix is a symmetric matrix as it has a mirror image. The two triangles in a correlation matrix are mirror images of each other. That is the upper triangle and lower triangle.

How do we calculate a correlation matrix without using a program?-this question comes from the method. Can we calculate a correlation matrix for two variables?- this question comes from the method. Can the term be explained in simple terms?- this question comes from the technical term(Field, 2000).

Simple linear regression

 Simple linear regression is considered as the least square estimator of a linear regression model. The simple linear regression is used to develop a straight line via the set of points so as to make a total of squared residual of the linear regression model. This term is commonly used in statistics.

Is simple linear regression the same as simple regression?-this question comes from the technical term. How do we calculate simple linear regression?-this question comes from the method? Is there a simple formula for calculating simple regression?- the question comes from formula (Field, 2000).

Multiple regression

 The multiple regression is used to understand the relationship between various independent variables and dependent variables. How is multiple regression calculated using formulas?- this question comes from method. What is the difference between multiple regression and simple linear regression?- this question comes from term. Where can multiple regressions be applied in life?- this question comes from interpretation (Field, 2000).

Language of association and prediction

 The language of association and prediction helps students learn how to acquire knowledge from class and use it to predict particular outcomes. Can the term be defined simply?. This question comes  from the technical term. How is the language of association and prediction used?  this question comes from the method. Is there are certain formula that students should follow when predicting events?- this question comes from formula or equation (Field, 2000).


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