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 Assessment in higher institutions of learning is mostly conducted through paper writing activities and there are numerous academic papers that students have to write in their entire learning period. These may include essays, dissertations, term papers, book reviews, article critique, speech writing, movie review and annotated bibliographies-just to mention but a few. The numerous essay assignments offered are at  times overwhelming and students find that they have very little time to accomplish these assignments.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for them to seek help. Academic writing help mostly comes in form of paper customization. There are numerous online companies like ours which offer paper customization at very affordable rates to various clients all over the globe. We have thousands of papers for sale in virtually all topics of study and the common assignment papers offered in various courses. Our papers are available for sale to all that may be interested in certain topics. The papers for sale are already customized, however; we also do make personal customization on request to avoid cases of plagiarism. This also happens whenever we receive more than two similar orders.

In such cases we are able to assign the assignments to different writer that come up with two different papers having similar content for the sake of avoiding cases of plagiarism. Our papers for sale are never resold or offered to any other third party for use apart from the client that places the order. Therefore, our clients can always rest assured that the papers for sale that they access are truly original and unique. Our papers for sale are also of very high quality, because we hire highly qualified writers with at a least degree in the relevant field of writing. Therefore, our clients can be sure that their papers are being handled by professionals in their respective fields of writing.

A part from offering papers for sale we also offer other services such as proofreading and editing. In these cases clients deliver to us their already written papers which we then correct and improve on their quality through making error free. In cases where we do not have certain papers for sale, clients are asked to post their questions early enough to have the customization undertaken early so that the completion of the work is done in a timely manner that will enable the clients meet their deadlines.

Our papers for sale are affordable because we offer discounts on certain page limits and thus clients seeking our papers may benefit most if their orders are lengthy and the page count is higher. A part from offering papers for sale we also offer sample papers that are exclusively free in certain topics to demonstrate the quality of our writing and offer clients examples of papers that they can base their writing on. These free samples are not papers for sale and they can be accessed by anyone interested by simply logging on to our site.

The samples provide tips and a wealth of knowledge and styles of writing.Our service provision has been of high quality and we have been experiencing a customer return rate of approximately 83% percent. This may be attributed to the values that we highly uphold. The values upheld in service delivery include originality, timeliness, confidentiality and reliability. All these have ensured that we meet our clients needs in a timely manner and offer the best of quality in writing.

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