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Who Moved My Cheese?

Who moved my cheese is a book about change. The story in this book reveals to the readers the need to embrace changes and to move on as things change. The book has four characters; two mice named Scurry and Sniff and two people named Hem and Haw. Scurry and Sniff are simple but flexible characters who are willing to leave their old cheese to look for new cheese. They are able to sniff and now when the cheese is getting old and moves through the maze in search of new cheese. Hem and Haw are smart but rigid people, who stood by the available cheese and were not willing to leave it and look for new cheese.

Cheese in this book is a metaphor that represents what one looks for in life. It may be a good job, health, spiritual peace or family. Maze represents where one goes to seek for what he or she desires. Scurry and Sniff who were willing to accept and embrace change in their cheese were happier than Hem and Haw who stuck by their old cheese. This has the implication that in life, we have to be flexible and not stick to our comfort zones if we are to achieve happiness. When the book refers to cheese getting old it meant the things such as Job or possessions which used to make us happy having less impact on us as time moves on.
Changes may happen with time and change the position of the cheese and some will opt to remain where they are while others will move on to look for more interesting things. Smelling the cheese to see if it is old is also symbolic which represents the process of anticipating change. One should anticipate changes and plan a head of time on how he or she is going to tackle these changes. When Hem eventually overcomes his fears and moves on to look for new cheese he also achieves happiness. This story enlightens us that we must be open to new ideas and look for new change in order for us to grow.


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