Organizing Function


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Management has different functions and these include planning, organizing, coordinating and control. Organizing as a function of management involves the combination and harmonization of different resources of the organization. The resources that an organization has and can be harmonized at this stage are physical, financial and human resources.

Each organization has results which it aims to achieve (Agarwal, 1983). Thus, the organizational function is essential since it helps in achieving these results. Organizing as a function of management means the clear defining of positions, jobs and a good coordination between responsibility and authority. Therefore, in order to achieve targets and results, a manager is supposed to always organize.

Organizing function as is relates to human resources


Human resources are the most important resources that any organization has. In a firm, the human resources manager is in charge of organizing the human resources. Organizing human resources entails different aspects. As part of organizing human resources, the manager should ensure that the right people are recruited into the organization.

By the right people, this means that the people who hold the skills that are required for performing the task at the work place. Thus, the manager forms the job specifications, receives applications, goes through them, and interviews different people to ensure that they get the right people for the job.

Organizing of human resources does not stop at the recruitment level. Once in the organization, human resources need to be organized so as to ensure their efficiency in performance. For instance, organization involves training of employees. Since we live in a dynamic world, for any firm to remain competitive, it has to train its employees so that they can work in relation to changing technological and market needs. For this to be effective, proper organizing has to be put in place. Organizing will involve choosing the employees to attend training sessions as well as the periods of training.

A firm in which there is good organizing of human resources will also cater for the needs of their employees. This is achieved by offering them good remuneration, and other services for example good working conditions, medical and health care services (Jackson & Mathis 2007). This way, the firm ensures maximum output from its employees. By ensuring that the needs of its human resources are met, the firm is also ensuring that its needs are met.

Efficiency in organization also involves inspiring and encouraging human resources. As part of the organizing function in a firm, employees should be involved in different ways in running the firm. Where their opinions are heard, people will feel part of the firm. Therefore, they will identify themselves with the firm and thus work more in the implementation of decisions which they were part of making.

With such an approach in organizing, there will be increased effort, and thus the increase in the firms productivity. Rewarding encourages employees. To manage human resources, the firm should reward them based on their performance. This, in addition to encouraging them, challenges others to work more and this is towards the achievement of the organizational goals.

Organizing function as it relates to monetary


In every firm, there should an organization of finances whether the firm is a profit or non profiting making firm. To ensure that a firm is well run there should be accountability in the organizing and managing of its finances. This is achieved by budgeting for all the finances and ensuring that the budget is kept throughout the financial year. Though firms have financial managers, budgets should be made with the involvement of all managers and should always have the support of the top management (Brigham & Houston, 2009).

This way, conflicts are greatly minimized in the firm. Other than arising from the budget, conflicts arise from other different ways if finances are not well organized in the firm. For instance, conflicts can arise between the management and shareholders if the management award themselves hefty pay packages and also go to fun places wholly financed by the firm. Therefore, to avoid such conflicts, organizing of the financial resources is very essential.

When finances are well organized, there are minimal chances of making emergency orders. This is because everything that the organization needs for operation is included in the budget. Emergency orders in most cases result to overspending. Therefore, the finances should be well organized to avoid cases of having to overspend so as to make emergency orders.

Financial organization also ensures that the firm spends on what they require. If finances are not managed in a good manner, the result will be making a lot of unnecessary spending and at the same time failure to spend on important issues of the firm for example training employees, purchase of new technology. For a firm to maintain its productivity, competitiveness and market value, it has to ensure that its finances are organized and well managed.



Organization is a very important function in the running of a firm. All the firms resources should be well organized. Organizing benefits all the stakeholders in the organization and these include the management, employees, community, shareholders, and customers. Through organizing its resources well, the firm will increase its productivity and thus gain a competitive advantage.


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