Organizational culture and supervision

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The world wildlife fund currently has more than one million members in the U.S alone. The organization serves as a global conservation and is committed to creating a suitable environment that balances the needs of the natural world with those of the human society.  The WWF is an independent organization that is registered under the Swiss law and has employed close to 6,200 full-time staff.  The body has a youth volunteer/internship program that enables committed young people between the ages of 19 and 27 to have a 3-6 month volunteer program in places such as Madagascar and Bolivia (WWF, 2017).

Staff is expected to be assertive when dealing with communities and other affiliates of the body. The organization has a low value of competitiveness. The volunteers are expected to show excellent communication skills, possess the ability to work collaboratively as a team and show genuine interest in working with the organization. The organization has a high value for teamwork and organizes work activities around units instead of individuals, and therefore the staff tends to have a positive relationship with co-workers and the administration.

The organization has a high value of innovation and once selected for the volunteer program; the volunteers are expected to create compelling stories about their experiences and to innovate in their performance of their jobs. Supervision provides a standard against which performance, behavior, and relationship are measured in the event of a problem arising. Adequate control recognizes and addresses the potential issues before they become actual problems and identifying poor performance and working on it. Finally, supervision helps staff and volunteers gain competency and also makes the organization more competent and efficient (Wadud & Nagy, n.d).


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