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There are various tools that one can use to analyze his personality. For example, one can use the diversity quotient. Also, one can use multiple intelligence and stress test to know his personality. The tools have different methods that one should follow so as to determine his or her personality. Though the outcomes of the tools are different, the outcomes reflect one’s personality. This is a self reflection paper that is aimed at determining my personality using the methods above and also determining how the qualities affect my performance in the organization.


In my case, I used the diversity quotient to determine my personality. The diversity quotient helps one determine his stand on diversity issues. It helps one determine his or her diversity quotient. The composition of the population in many places has changed and this has forced people to learn how to manage diversity and avoid issues related to diversity. In addition, the composition in the workforce has changed due to diversity. After using the diversity quotient tool I learned that my environment is culturally diverse. The composition of people in my place has changed greatly like in other places. Apart from the diversity quotient tool, I used the like to be different tool. Like the diversity quotient tool, the like to be different tool helps one determine his or her personality. The findings from the tool showed that I had a strong personality. First, I always help people when they ask for help. For instance, most people having emotional and social problems come to me for help. This is because am able to help them overcome the challenges.

Further, I used the social identity tool and the big five personality to know myself. The social identity tool enables one reflects on what he thinks about himself. This gives one a chance to determine things that determine his personality. For instance, one is able to determine how religion, ethnicity and other things affect him. One can also determine how he spends his or her time. For example, if one uses his time in carrying community projects or playing. The results from the test showed that I spend most of the time in college, socializing with friends, playing computer games etc. The Big five personality helps one know his or her personality by answering some questions. After answering the questions, one determines his or her score.

In addition, one can compare himself with any other person. The findings from the big personality test showed that I was agreeableness. For instance, I was pleasing before many people. This quality made me different from other people. Another test used to determine ones personality is multiple intelligence test. People have different types of intelligence. For instance, some are good in reading and writing while others are good in calculation. In addition, other people are good in telling stories and music. Moreover, other people are good in business and debates and discussions. The results from the multiple intelligence test showed that Im International competent (Robbins &Judge 2010).

I am not surprised by the data as the findings from the study are inline with my personality. The data collected from the various tests is a clear reflection of my personality. For instance, I am internationally competent, pleasing and able to help other people and manage diversity. There are various things that I expected to see from my data, but they were not available. For instance, the data did not show any emotional stability. The different assessments used in the study had different methods to determine ones personality as stated above. Though the methods used were different, the results reflected my personality. There are various things that I learned about myself from the assessment. For example, I learned that am good in mathematics and logics. Also, I am good internationally (Robbins &Judge 2010).

The various strengths identified from the study have influenced my success in the past. For instance, being good in maths and logic has influenced my academic performance. Additionally, being able to manage diversity and solve problems has helped in maintaining interpersonal relationships. I have been able to live with people from different cultures. The data from the assessment can be used to explain my past challenge. For instance, lack of emotional stability has made it difficulty for me to interact with people from diverse cultures. This has also affected my ability to work with people from various places. For instance, being unable to talk with other people has made it difficulty to meet new people (Robbins &Judge 2010).

The strengths and weaknesses identified above might have different impact on my contribution to the organization. First, being able culturally diverse makes it easy for me to work together with other people in a team and to lead other people in the organization. This is because there will be minimal conflicts and strong interpersonal relationships and good communication. Moreover, being agreeable and international competent will help contribute a lot to the organization. For instance, I will be able to help organizations achieve their objects by establishing businesses both internationally and locally. Also, I will be able to help organizations enhancing their innovations as I am creative. On the other hand, my weaknesses, might affect the organization negatively. This is because I will be quiet most of the time. This will influence my relationship with other people and also decision making in the organization.

There are various types of jobs that I can perform as I have the right skills. The jobs include accounting, trading, negotiating as I am good in mathematics, socializing etc. I can also help in making deals solve problems. Also, I can work as a director as I have good leadership skills. There are also different types of organizations that I can fit. For instance, I can fit in big, fast, entrepreneurial, international, processes and stable organizations. I would like to work in profit corporations like investment banks, holding companies etc (Robbins &Judge 2010).


The data from the various assessment tests above showed that people have different personality. For instance, some are quiet while others are talkative. In addition, some people are internationally competent and like socializing while others are not. The data collected from the assessment tests is a reflection of my personality. The qualities identified above have influenced my life in past. For instance, being quiet has made it difficulty to interact with new people and manage diversity. In addition, it has affected how I work in teams. The kind of qualities one has determines how one is able to contribute to the organization. For example, people who live in a culturally diverse environment like me are able to manage diversity in the organization. In addition, people who are agreeable and creative are able to improve productivity in the organization


Robbins,S.P.,&Judge,T.A.Organizational Behavior.Prentice Hall, 2010

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